8 Characteristics of a Successful Internet Home Business

Here are the secrets to how to build an Internet Home Business!

If you were to ask some of the most successful Internet marketers in the world today, they would tell you that there are eight characteristics you should look for when making your decision if the home business is right for you:


Internet Home Business Charateristice #1:  It must be home based.

This might seek obvious, but when you think about it, it really is not.  Remember, we are talking about an Internet business here; where all you really need to build and run your business is a computer and a laptop.  You do not need a car, gas, hotel conference rooms, etc.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #2:  It must include great digital products.

Digital products are easily bought and sold over the Internet.  You do not need to have inventory on hand at your home.  There is no need to meet auto-ship requirements or hold inventory in your garage.  And, digital products often include the best training available in Internet marketing.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #3:  It must not have qualification requirements.

Qualification requirements are associated with most direct selling companies and MLMs.  There are a lot of excellent companies out there.  But, they all have requirements you need to meet in order to qualify for commissions.  In other words, you have to sponsor two, three or more people into the business before you can earn commissions. Most people who start with these companies never get out of the “starting gate’ because of these requirements.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #4:  It must be available globally.

After all, the Internet is global.  This enables you to work with people all over the world, and to establish long-term business relationship with people everywhere.  This also provides you the opportunity to help people with their own business development process all over the world.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #5:  It must pay 100 percent commission.

This is the really super part, but it is very difficult to find a company that truly pays 100 percent commissions.  Why settle on selling someone else’s products to make them successful.  Most companies pay out 5-10 percent commissions.  Some pay higher.  Some pay bonuses if you generate enough business.  Why not earn 100 percent commissions and put the money in your bank account, rather than someone else’s?


Internet Home Business Characteristic #6:  It must be easy to duplicate.

In other words, does the company have a step-by-step formula for you to duplicate?  It just does not make sense to join a company, then have to figure out what works the hard way.  This causes frustration, particularly with people just getting started in this industry.  That is why so many people fail. Does it show you how to advertise, market and promote the business? Does it provide you the tools to market your business.  This is duplication.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #7:  It must have a strong team culture.

In many ways this is similar to duplication.  A strong team culture means having strong leadership. Surround yourself with winners… real leaders in this industry. Successful Internet marketers that provide you the tools and the training to succeed.  For example, the TeamTissa marketing platform which helps you create leads and follows up with your leads.  The same is true for the Empower Network  Home Business.  And, Team Take Massive Action!  This team culture assists you build your business.


Internet Home Business Characteristic #8:  It must be fun.

That’s right… fun and entertaining.  You need customers in your business.  You need to learn how to engage with them and lead them.  In other words, you need to coach them and help them succeed.  Its proven, that you can engage with your customers in more effective way if you are fun and entertaining.  Sure, you need to provide them information… just learn how to do it in a fun manner. 🙂


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