No 3: Webinar Invitation

This is Autoresponder Message 3.

Hey [[firstname]],

Great news for our current team and prospective team members!

As you know, you can only be successful in Internet or network marketing if
you can build and lead a team to success! This means, you must establish a
duplicatable system with fantastic training and support! Furthermore, if you
are to be successful as a marketer, you need to be able to identify the
team that is right for you. …so, here’s your opportunity to check out our
team and make an educated decision on whether this is a business for you.

Let’s get to know one another, have some fun and make some money!

It’s in that spirit that I and my partner, Lucky Sutherlin have developed a
detailed training webinar to guide and coach you on the skills you need to
not only build your business, but to show you how to use the tools you have
available by simply being a member of our team.

Here are the details:

Private Coaching and Mentorship:


When: Wednesday: 3 PM, EST (Webinar)
Friday: 3-6 PM, EST (Private Coaching and Questions and Answers)

And, this truly is duplicatable!! In addition to providing you the training
you need in order to maximize all the fantastic resources and tools you
have in the Empower Network, our webinar and coaching is available to you
and your team. That’s the power of duplication! All you need to do is
invite your prospects to our weekly meetings. In other words, we will help
train your team as you grow. We will do the work for you.
Keep that in Mind.. This Training is Available to You and Your Prospects!
This is great opportunity to invite your prospects to simply view a
potential opportunity and to engage with like minded people who have
similar goals of establishing a successful Internet home business.. You
don’t even have to be a member. In other words, simply use it to “test the
waters” with others.

So, just copy and paste this link and put it on your calendar. If you can’t
attend every week, that’s fine. But, you can rely on the fact that we will
be there EVERY week at the same times for you!

In fact, we have created this easy to remember link that you can easily
commit to memory:

See Ya Soon…

Expect the Best When You Give Your Best,

Rick Samara
Facebook: rick.samara …send me a friend request!
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