Build an Internet Home Business: Keyword Research and Domain Development

One of the most fundamental things you need to determine prior to attempting to build an Internet Home Business is to know how you are going to advertise, market and promote your business (read more).  Understanding that a website is a critical tool and definately necessary to your business, this video is part of a series that illustrates how to develop a ‘keyword string’ that someone types into a search box to get to your website.  In other words, how do you get highly targeted traffic to your website?  …that’s what this exericise is intended to do!

And, since Google places suches a high value on having that ‘keyword string’ as part of your URL or domain name, I have placed a great deal of emphasis on how to do exactly that.  This video addresses how to do keyword research and how to incorporate that keyword in your domain name.

There are a number of ways to do this.  Some are easier than others.  Some are bit more difficult and take a lot of experience.  And, there are free methods, and other methods and programs that will charge you a fee for a software program that will help.

I have found a free software program from a top company that combines keyword research with domain development!  This will take a bit of experience… trial and error, but it’s the best at what it does – so it is definately worth your effort. 

But, don’t get too excited and buy a domain from this company.  If you see what you like, go to to purchase your domain.  You will save a little money!


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