WordPress Plugins for Your Internet Home Business Website


use-wordpress-internet-home-businessWordPress plugins are one of the most remarkable features of this very powerful software tool that folks are using to build their Internet home Business.

If it is not already, it is quickly becoming the industry standard. In fact, if you are not using WordPress to build your Internet home business website, you are making a huge mistake. And, WordPress plugins provide the functionality for your website.

A plugin is actually a piece of software or code designed to perform a particular function.  For example, if you have an e-commerce website, you look for  a WordPress plugin.  Or, if you want to do invoicing directly from your Internet home business website, you simply look for WordPress plugin that is built to do that!  Furthermore, they are easy to find right from your WordPress dashboard and can be installed with the push of a button.

WordPress plugins can only be used on self-hosted WordPress websites.  This is another great reason to get your own hosting.  And, I recommend HostGator. All HostGator accounts come with Fantastico Delux… which provides a one-step installation of WordPress!  The service that WordPress offers for free blogs is simply fantastic and a great way to get content on the Internet.  However, it does not support WordPress Plugins!

Here is a list of standard WordPress Plugins that I highly recommend and personally use.

..just type the bolded name into the plugin search box.

Akismet:  Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam 24/7/365.  This will require you to get an API key at Akismet.com.  But, once you have your key, you can use it on multiple sites!

Jetpack by WordPress.com:  See this article on Jetpack by WordPressThis is a must add to any WordPress site!  It is multi-functional and replaces an earlier need for other plugins.  At this time it includes 10 different free features. There is one other “paid” feature called Vault Press, which I find a little pricey. But, here are the ones I recommend activating:

Sharing:  Drag and drop Social Media sharing services into the enabled section to have them show up on your site, and drag them into the hidden section to have them hidden behind a button.  Lots of options!  I’ve replaced a former plugin with this feature, and I really liked that former plugin!

Spelling and Grammar:  The After the Deadline Proofreading service improves your writing by using artificial intelligence to find your errors and offer smart suggestions. After the Deadline provides a number of customization options, which you can edit in your profile.  Google loves good grammar and this one will “kick-your-butt!”  But, you will be better off using this!

Subscriptions:  Easily allow any visitor to subscribe to all of your posts via email through a widget in your blog’s sidebar. Every time you publish a post, WordPress.com will send a notification to all your subscribers.

When leaving comments, your visitors can also subscribe to a post’s comments to keep up with the conversation.  I’ve put this on all my sites! The emails your subscribers receive are extremely professional!  Read and screenshots at Jetpack by WordPress.

Cbnet Ping Optimizer:  Say what???  This valuable plugin saves your wordpress blog from getting tagged as ping spammer. As good as it is, WordPress has a flaw.  Everytime, you update an article or post, it send outs a ping notifying the world that you just published a post.  This plugin stops that from happening!  …so, what is a ping?  Read more here!

Google Ajax Translation:  The Google AJAX Translation WordPress plugin provides a quick, simple, and light way to add translation to your blog.  This will translate your articles into any of 52+ languages.  I have sites that are indigenous to the U.S., but I have other sites that are international.  Why not provide an international user an easy way to translate and read your material?

W3 Total Cache:  This plugin improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.  In other words, it allows your site and pages to load much faster and this is a unit of measure that Google uses to rank your website.  This is particularly important for websites that have a great deal of content!


Features that Google Require on a Website


Easy Privacy Policy: Automatically adds a privacy policy page that includes an Adsense compliance section.  All the compliance legalese is done for you!  Don’t forget to cover this base!  Otherwise, Google may not like you!  And, you want Google to like you… as they are more likely to send you visitors!

Fast Secure Contact Form:  The contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Super customizable with a multi-form feature, optional extra fields, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. This WordPress plugin includes CAPTCHA and Akismet support to block all common spammer tactics.  Plus, Google wants you to provide a contact feature to your users!


WordPress Plugins for SEO:


SEO is search engine optimization.  Proper SEO allows the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) to index and rank your website.  The higher you are ranked the more organic or free traffic they will send you.

Special Note:  There is one setting that I highly recommend you change in WordPress and do this for all new installations.  If you have an old installation, I also recommend it.  One of my sites had over 90 articles when I updated this setting, and it worked great!

Change the default WordPress Permalink default feature. This will automatically apply to the title of your posts and pages.

How? Just follow these steps.

  • On your WordPress Dashboard, Pick “Settings”
  • Then Choose “Permalinks”
  • Tick on the “Custom Title” option
  • Then type in /%postname%/
  • Hit Save!


Google XML Sitemaps: This WordPress plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com to better index your site!  Plus, it will provide you direct access to both Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.  You need to claim your site(s) with both Google and Bing and verify that you are the owner.  I use the Meta Tag option.  This is easy stuff; as I will show you with the next WordPress plugin.

Custom Headers and Footers:  This plugin adds custom header and footer Meta Tags for main page content.  This is where you simply copy and paste the Meta Tag that Google and Bing send you to verify your website!  Here is a screen shot of exactly where it goes.  You just click “Update Settings” at the bottom of the page, then return to Google or Bing and click their “Verify Now” button!

Platinum SEO Pack: This WordPress plugin provides a complete SEO solution for your WordPress blog. I probably run against convention here. A lot of people use All-in-One SEO. It really doesn’t matter, but you should definitely install one or the other.

Keyword Statistics: This plugin checks the content of a post or a page for keyword-density (single words and optionally 2- and 3-word phrases). This is an awesome WordPress plugin. It can update its information on the fly while the author is writing content. This is great way for you to check and improve your keyword density!  And, keep that density at about 2-3 percent!

In conclusion, I have provided you the most essential WordPress plugins available today!  So, if you are building an Internet home Business or contemplating doing so, WordPress is the platform on which you should build your business.


If you have any questions on WordPress plugins, I’m always here to help!

Please post your questions in the Comments section below!





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Get Your Blog Post Ranked on Google


Here is the complete video series on how to get your blog post ranked on Google.

These are the exact techniques I use everyday to crank out one or two blog posts. It takes a little practice, but if I can do it, anyone can!

Video 1 (2:51 Minutes): In this video I describe how to establish your keyword string and H1 tag in your title, how to set-up and organize your article for effective and fast writing and how to get your blog post ranked on Google.


Video 2 (4:12 Minutes): In this video I describe how to create your H2 and H3 tags using your primary keyword string, how to structure your article for fast and effective writing and how to get your blog post ranked on Google.


Video 3 (3:52 Minutes): In this video I provide some more hints on how to structure your blog for quick writing by building you introduction and beginning your summary using your primary keyword string.  Just another easy step that will help you get your blog ranked on Google.


Video 4 (7:51 Minutes): In this video I provide instruction on how and why to use pictures in you blog article, how to set your Alt Tag (alternative text) in your pictures using your primary keyword string, how to easily write content.


Video 5 (6:28 Minutes): In this final video I provide tips on fast blogging by showing you more on how to use your outline to create great original content for effective blogging. I will also show you how to use your outline to finish your summary and develop a call to action.


In summary, this completes my series on how to get your blog post ranked on Google. In this video series, I focused on using the SEOPressor tool available in the empower network home business back office.  I have used a number of SEO tools on various websites that I either manage or own.  By comparison, I now find them much less effective.  SEOPressor does some things for my onsite SEO that I have never been able to do before.

It enables me to clearly focus on my H1, H2 and H3 tags without knowing HTML. Plus, it enables me to focus on bolding, italicizing and underlining my primary keyword strings!  Google and the other major search engines score and rank your blog posts based on your ability to complete these steps.

SEOPressor has made me a better and more effective author.  The speed blogging and organizational techniques that I coach you on in this video series is a direct result of my using and experimenting with SEOPressor. I highly recommend this plugin for your Internet home business website.  This is the best onsite SEO Plugin I’ve used to date.  SEOPressor is a solid investment in your business.

In conclusion, if you want to get your blog post ranked on Google and the other search engines, you need to practice sound onsite SEO.  If you are using other SEO plugins, that’s fine.  But, practice the techniques shown in this video series on establishing your H1, H2 and H3 tags; along with the bolding, italicizing and underlining techniques.  And, pay particular attention to the organizational hints I provide.  This will help you get your blog post ranked on Google and the other search engines.

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Pure Leverage Marketing Tools Review

Here is my review of a new product suite that caters to Internet marketers; in other words, anyone trying to build an Internet home business.  These are the Pure Leverage marketing tools.  The purpose of this article is to provide my review of Pure Leverage.  As in any review that I do, I make a personal commitment to buy and use the products.

As an overview, the Pure Leverage marketing tools can simply be used by Internet marketers or they can also be marketed as a separate business opportunity to generate residual income.


What are the Pure Leverage Marketing Tools?

Pure leverage marketing toolsMembers of Pure Leverage receives their own private members area where they manage the five tools that are available.  I’ll provide my opinion on these tools below.  Understand this… this is a relatively new platform. It is not complete. I’ll provide my educated opinion on that as well. The complete package is priced at a very reasonable cost of  $24.95 per month.

1. Pure Leverage marketing tools: Lead Capture and Auto-Responder/e-mail marketing platform.

If you need a auto-responder, it’s here.  And, you do need an auto-responder to build your list.  Plus, unlike most auto-responders, your list of people or subscribers is topped at 10,000. This is huge.  This a major advantage over auto-responders like GetResponse or Aweber. You would pay a ton of money with a list this large on GetResponse or Aweber.  Yet, this is included in the monthly cost already mentioned. When you exceed 10,000 subscribers, you can upgrade. 🙂 When you hit 10,000 subscribers, you can easily absorb this cost!

There is a value added feature here that make this an even better deal. Your auto-responder campaigns are already set up with a complete email follow up series to help turn your prospects into paid clients. It’s a complete done for you system. Yes the money is in the list but more importantly the money is made from the relationships created from your list!  This alone is worth the monthly cost!

You can also edit your messages to personalize them.  But, they are all there for you… already written by the pros and ready to go.

2. Pure Leverage marketing tools: Video E-mail Service

This will be a value added service. But, it does not appear to be a fully functional tool yet in the Pure leverage marketing tool suite.

3. Pure Leverage marketing tools: Live Meeting Room

This is another service that makes the price admission a great deal.  This is based on GVO Conference that went through many years of development.  Priced into this low monthly cost is a 100-seat conference room. That’s enormous value when compared to some better known web conferencing like Go-to-Meeting or Webex.  Plus, it’s fully functional and has all the components you need to help build an Internet home business.

I use this web conferencing platform to build my team and develop long term business relationships.  I can’t personally meet with my team members in Canada, the UK, India or the Philippines.   But, I can and do bring them all together in my conference room every Friday to coach and help them build their business. I can stream and broadcast live using video and audio, use PowerPoint presentations, pre-recorded videos and share my desktop screen from the convenience of my home office!

4. Pure Leverage marketing tools: Authority Blog

When ready, you can brand yourself online and generate more leads with the Pure Leverage Authority blog, back link traffic to your offers and cash in. The Authority Blog will come with content already generated for you! The search engines will pick you up just based on the word “Authority”, ranking you high and directing traffic to you.  See my recent article how to Get Your Blog Post Ranked on Google.

5. Pure Leverage marketing tools: Elite Training Program

Speaking from experience, the parent company (GVO) has some excellent trainers.  They will walk you through every aspect of the Pure Leverage marketing tools.  Every tool comes complete with a step-by-step set-up process and walk through of all the tools.  This training is video based and conveniently located in your back office.


Stay tuned for my next article: How does the Pure Leverage Marketing Tools business opportunity work?


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Get Your Blog Post Ranked on Google

If you are marketing your business on the Internet, you need to learn how to get your blog post ranked on Google page 1.

This assumes you have a blog or website to market your business.  You don’t make money on the Internet by joining businesses or programs. You make money on the Internet by learning how to market your business.  And a website or blog is your first step in marketing your business.  If you don’t have a sound marketing plan for your business, you are going to fail.  And a web presence is essential.

A hosted blog is the best way to get started!  This is marketing 101! You need to have a blog to advertise and market your business.  And, a blog using WordPress is the proven and tried method toward achieving sound and immediate results.  Google and the other major search engines love WordPress blogs; and for good reason.  A hosted WordPress blog gives you the ability to add the plug and play software you need to attract the search engines.  These are plugins, or pieces of software that help you get your blog post ranked on Google. Here is a list of the 11 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Home Business Website. And, they are free, and free is always good.

Here is a great video to help you start to learn how to get your blog post ranked on Google…

How to Get Your Blog Post Ranked on Google:

This is a great video to get you started.  It provides great instruction on how to establish your keyword string and H1 tag in your title, how to set-up and organize your article for effective and fast writing and how to get your blog post ranked on Google.  When you master these basic skills, you are well on your way to get your blog post ranked on Google page 1.

Stay tuned! I’m going to publish the entire series here.  This is the just the first of 5 videos. I’ll be listing them all here on my blog.

If you want more information on how to build an internet home business, I invite you subscribe to my free newsletter. The really cool thing about it, is that I give you full Private Label Rights to use my content to help you grow your Internet marketing, network marketing or any home business you are promoting.

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Build an Internet Home Business with Video

Hey folks, I know I’ve written a lot on this before… but, its still a powerful marketing tip!


Build an Internet Home Business with Video!

A lot of my friends build their Internet home business with video and in a lot of crazy ways!  The introduction of front screen cameras on today’s smart phones really make this easy.  My smart phone is not that smart.  I do most of my stuff on my computer.  Yet, my buds are using their smart phone to knock out a video every day.  And, that’s awesome!

I do mostly training videos using Camtasia.  But, I’ve also found a way to inexpensively create scribe videos that you might really like.  I use a program called Sparkol.  You can sign up for a free account.  I have a banner posted over there in my right sidebar if you want to try it out.  But, here is an example of the scribe videos that I produce.

These videos are really easy to produce and people love them.  The music entertains them and they are fun!

And, this is important to your marketing efforts.  If you have not seen this series of articles I’ve written on Home Business Blogging yet, you ought to.  You can access all three via this link:

Empower Network Home Business Blogging

These articles apply to anyone trying to build an Internet Home Business.

Have fun and let me know if you have any question on how to build an Internet home business!

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Host Then Profit: Essential Internet Marketing Tools, Plus Education!

internet-home-business-tools-from-host-then-profitThe Host Then Profit Internet marketing tools suite provides you with the most essential Internet marketing tools to build your Internet home business! Perhaps more importantly, it enables you contain your costs in your Internet home business!  For example, I currently use HostGator for my hosting.

I pay $24.95 per month for my hosting package.  I have their reseller package.  You essentially get a starter version of a reseller package with Host Then Profit by virtue of the fact that you can host up to 4 blogs or websites.

In other words, you can sell hosting to some local business along with building them a website.  This isn’t hard to do folks!  I would not recommend you do this until you know how to build a WordPress website, but you will find that the learning curve with WordPress is minimal.

So, you can build a business a  website and charge them a few hundred bucks.  I started out charging $499 for 5-7 page optimized website.  If you need a quick fix to optimizing a website, see my post on WordPress Plugins.  That will get you started in the right direction!  And, you can also charge them a monthly hosting fee.  I make this a hosting and service fee!  For example, if you just getting started, charge them $20-40 per month for this.

Don’t sit around for six months, like I did, wondering what a reseller package is!!  It’s simple and exactly what I just described above.  The thing that concerned me was that I didn’t know how to bill them and look professional!  I certainly do now!  Just ask me for it and I’ll get you started!  This fun, and it’s extremely profitable!

Host Then Profit was not available, a few years back, when I made that decision.  And, I couldn’t get by with this basic package now.  Plus, this does not include the money I spend for my auto responder service that I started using five years ago.

However, Host Then Profits is a new and fantastic l0w-cost package that is available to you… NOW!  And, it’s only $9.95 per month.  First of all, you get your hosting, which is essential for building and branding your Internet home business online!  Plus, you can create up to 4 WordPress websites or blogs on your account.

More importantly, it’s expandable!  When you need more capacity, you can upgrade!  This is service that grows with you as your business grows!

host-then-profit-video-tutorialsThere are some variables to creating a website, then installing WordPress; steps in the early stages of creating your website.  These variables are “steps” you take in the process, and there are some great videos in the Host Then Profits back office to literally walk you through these steps.  You will learn how to register your domain, how to change your DNS (domain servers)… if you choose not to register your domain with Host Then Profit.  I recommend that you register your domain at Namecheap.  Host Then Profit uses GoDaddy!  They do not do their own domain registration.  See my article and video on How to Register Your Domain. This will save you some money as well!

Plus, you will learn about Web Host Manager (WHM) and CPanel in the Step 3 Video in the Host Then Profits back office.  If this seems a bit ‘foreign’ to you, remember… this is learning process.  And, it’s all really quite easy to learn!

Additionally, Tool 2 is an auto responder, or email marketing program!  You will learn how to set up your campaigns and how to install a sign-up box on your website, so that you can start building your Internet home business list.  You will learn how use this list to develop relationships with people.

Tool 3 is an easy to use video production tool.  More coming on this… make sure you subscribe to get timely updates!  And, more is coming on the video conferencing platform below.

Tool 4 is video conferencing platform.  More to come…

Host-then-profit-trainingFinally, and on top of these great tools, you get membership to the GVO Academy.  To the left you will see a currently published training schedule which is only available to members.

You have 12 opportunities per week to start learning how to build an Internet home business.  And, here you will have the opportunity to mingle with seasoned and successful Internet marketers!

This schedule is designed to meet your needs!  Chances are you still have a job and you cannot devote your full effort to learning how to build your Internet home business.  You do not have the pressure to sell, sell, sell!  This is about learning how to build an Internet home business at YOUR own chosen pace!

No need to worry!  There are evening and weekend classes you can attend, and all the classes are recorded, so you access them at your convenience from your Host Then Profit online office!

These are webinars that are broadcast using the same video conferencing platform that you will have access to with your Host Then Profits membership.

Furthermore, Host Then Profit, because of it’s unique price point and robust services is extremely popular.  So, it’s a platform that you can market and sell yourself.

So, get started today!  You get a 7-day trial for only $1. If you are serious about building an Internet home business, this is the best platform out there!  Just click on this banner to start your membership!

Host then Profit Internet home Business tools


Read More About Host Then Profit






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