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    How do you find the right Internet Home Business for you?  The first thing I would advise is not to jump on the first opportunity you see.  Very few people are that lucky.  You are not going to get rich quick!  If you fall for that type of program, you are only “padding someone else’s bank account!”  It is much more prudent to fully research this topic for 2-6 weeks depending on your own time availability, need, and devotion to starting your own business. After all, if you were going to start a ‘brick and mortar’ business, you would have do your due diligence.  A ‘brick and mortar’ business usually means huge start up, overhead, manpower and administrative costs, so you might be more inclined to spend a lot more time on that research.
    By comparison, an Internet home business is dramatically different.  Absent are the huge start up costs.  All you need is a computer and a good Internet connection to get started!  However, if you do not do your due diligence, you will likely find yourself facing: huge disappointment, wasted money, lost time, and the feeling of failure.  And, you do not have to put yourself through that if you don’t have to!  So, spend the time and do  your research.
    I believe the first question you should ask yourself  is how do I find legitimate Internet businesses.  The key is largely in semantics here because if you are looking for  an Internet Home Business that you can start to generate additional income, that is a whole lot different than trying to find an Internet business.Try this for yourself.  Google it.  Plug “internet business” into the search field.  You’ll come up with results like “Cisco Systems.”  If you type “how to build an Internet home business” into the Google search box, you are going to narrow your searches down to something more manageable, and a lot closer to what you are looking for. However, this method of finding internet businesses can be risky.
    You are actually  building YOUR own Internet home business. If  you ever get the feeling that you are doing nothing more than growing someone’s else’s business, that should send you a strong signal that you are probably in the wrong place.
    If you are not totally new to the Internet home business world, then chances are you have found the Traffic Exchanges or Safelists where you show your ad in exchange for viewing someone else’s ad.   If used properly, they can be an effective free advertising tool.  However, these ads can be totally misleading.  They are not regulated by anyone.  The only real point here is that you do not want to use these sources as your method of selecting an Internet home business.The very best way to find an Internet Home Business is through a referral or recommendation from someone you know, you like and you trust.  Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time and money.  This recommendation should come from someone who has experience in Internet marketing.  They should have experience in the business they are recommending and with advertising, marketing and promoting their business.  Furthermore, this person should be a resource that you can rely on to help you overcome any obstacles you might face.

    There are some definite characteristics to look for.  First and foremost, you want total transparency.  You want access to the business owner. You don’t want surprises.  I’ve been involved in Programs that offered a service that I never received. And, I lost money.  My understanding was that it was a way for me to get my business advertised.  Once I got into the Program, this guy offered more ways to get more advertising.  In other words, another expense that I did not anticipate.  They advertised methods to contact them, but these systems were always down. 

    By now, I’m seeing  tons of ‘red flags.’  Then I get an e-mail that invites me to a Webinar that will explain everything and provide important updates.  I was dying for information, so I definitely attended.  Wow! I was excited.  I hadn’t thrown my money away.  Plus, I’m going to find out how he’s overcome some ‘technical problems,’ and how I’m going to see results.    There was absolutely no value to me in that Webinar.  The ‘technical problems’ were glossed over with a lead in to “how and why we have this great new income opportunity!”  It turned out that this guy’s primary business was Shaklee and he was using his promises to drag people into his Shaklee business.

     I have nothing against Shaklee.  The are a very reputable company.  I even received a nice letter from them apologizing to me once they discovered that their member was using deceptive marketing techniques.  But the cost of my investment went from $35 per month (which I never received any value for) to a $249 Shaklee package and a continuing expense of at least $100 replenishing my supplies.  That is a total lack of transparency.  Transparency means fully understanding, up front, the entire business model prior to making an educated decision on whether or not this business is right for me or YOU!

    So, what should you look for when researching the ideal  Internet home business for you?  There are 5 things to look for:

  1. Lack of transparency.  You don’t want any surprises.  When you get surprised, it usually works in the owner’s favor, not yours!

  3. Open Line of Communication/Quality Service.  You want to know that you can go directly to that business owner and ask a tough question if you have one. Or, if not the business owner, then a responsible person who works for he or she.  Problems occur!  That’s a fact!  You want and deserve responsive solutions!

  5. The option to Get One-on-One Training if You Want it:   Surprisingly,  lot of people don’t want this feature.  Yet, this business should be solid and established enough to offer that support if you need it!  (SPECIAL NOTE:  I initially had the impression that coaching meant additional money out of my pocket.  So I avoided it.  That’s not always the case.  I highly recommend that you get a ‘free’ coach if only to have someone you can call when you have a problem and need a quick solution.)

  7. Documentation that Others are Making Money in this Business.  If this is a legitimate business, there has to be examples that others are generating income.  …not just the owner.  Demand to see this proof!

  9. Training.  There are pay sites (actually, Internet Businesses owned by Successful Internet Business Owners that focus on training)that  you can join for some really great training for a FEE.  That’s another aspect of your business.  This is Internet marketing.  You have to learn how to market, advertise and promote your business.  But, do you need this additional expense when you are first getting started?  Evaluate the in-house training that your Internet home business sponsor offers.

    Don’t sell yourself short.  There are some great Internet home business opportunities out there for you.  This is an International business.  Your market is not limited to you home town or city, it is worldwide. That’s the beauty of the Internet.  It’s global and it continues to grow.  Whether you seek additional income,  long term financial security or both… this is the way to do it from the comfort of your own home.  Treat it like a real business.  Do your research… your due diligence,  and launch your new business on a stable and sustainable platform.

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