My First Market America Business Building Meeting

market-america-businessI attended my first Market America Business Building Meeting this past Monday.  It’s Friday and I’ve been gathering my thoughts.  I’m an Internet marketer.  I don’t traditionally enjoy jumping in my car to attend a meeting.  However, this Market America meeting was only 6-7 miles from my home… so I thought I’d check it out.

I’ve heard the words before… “the future of business,”  “creating a new economy,” etc.  And, while that all may be true, there are several other characteristics of this business that really amaze me.


Market America can help you Create Residual Income to Secure your Financial Future

…and local people are finding Market America the chosen way to secure their financial future.  Let me explain a bit.  There were roughly 25 people at this meeting.  It was held by a very gracious couple in their home.  Both are building their team and business part-time and both have regular jobs.     They have a home that most people would envy.  Yet, they seem to have a  need to take control of their own financial future.  They invited Dani Canubas, the Market America Director in this part of Maryland to be the guest speaker.  He did a stellar job!

But, that wasn’t my major take-away.  There are an awful lot of people in Maryland who are looking to secure their financial future with their own business.  They understand that if they want to take control of their financial future, they need a plan that will generate a residual income.  I am simply amazed by how many people are working in my local area with Market America achieve this goal.

And, this is not an area of the country that is suffering financially like some others.  This is Washington DC and surrounding areas.  This is a relatively secure area financially.  Employment is good and there are plenty of government high tech, and security jobs available in this metropolitan area.

I met and spoke with a lot of people on Monday evening. Some were looking at the business for the first time.  Some had participated in the business, but had not yet achieved their financial goals.  But, there were others who very already extremely successful in Market America, and just there to support others.

The thing that amazed me the most was that there just seems to be so many people in my local area working hard to secure their financial security with Market America.  My first thought was that this area was already saturated with Market America consultants; or perhaps there was too much competition locally.   However, when I consider this business opportunity intellectually, I realize that this is an over simplification and perhaps only an excuse not to participate in this business.

The economy is changing, both in the US and more importantly, internationally!  More and more people are shopping online. Market America provides a “gateway” that enables business minded people to invest very little money, build their business at their own pace… part-time… and benefit from this trend.  Plus, having so many people in a local area participate simply provides a support structure that benefits those that choose to use this business model to achieve their own personal financial security.



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