Pure Leverage Business Opportunity

As I mentioned in my recent article, the Pure Leverage marketing tools can simply be used by Internet marketers as tools to grow their Internet home business,  or they can also be marketed as a separate business opportunity to generate residual income.

The purpose of this article is to provide my review on the…

Pure Leverage Business Opportunity

There are a ton of companies now tied to affiliate marketing. Companies that have large business models like Amazon.com, HostGator.com, iTunes Store, Mac App Store etc. Companies use affiliates to market their products and services. They pay their affiliates to market their products in a number of different ways.

This can be on simple points system to receive discounts.  It can be based on percentages of purchases. They can offer one time cash rewards or small percentages paid back based on the sales and performance by the affiliate.  Some are based on simple commission for signing up a new client. Many companies come up with their own rewards model and try to create frenzy by getting people to talk, and yes money always gets people talking!  But, the percentages are small and, in my opinion, they really stink.  This is no way to grow a Internet home business; at least not a successful business. The real key is finding a company that pays residual income and pay a great commission.

Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: 100 Percent Commissions

The Pure Leverage business opportunity is unique.  This internet home business now reflects a new trend in Internet and affiliate marketing. and this new trend is both exciting and rewarding to affiliate marketers.  The Pure Leverage business opportunity offers 100 percent commissions.  In my opinion, the management recognized the huge success of the Empower Network Business and made a sound decision.  This is just good business!  Pay your affiliates a 100 Percent commission.

Hey, its a competitive world out there.  Why pay affiliates a measly 5-30 percent commission for a one time sale? Why not jump on board a new business concept that really works. The new rant and rave is that Pure Leverage not only launched its new product line to the world. But they are paying out a whopping 100 percent  in commissions back to their affiliates, and they are paying residual income. Is this possible? You bet, the Pure Leverage business opportunity does exactly that.


Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: Is there a cost?

Yes. There is a very reasonable affiliate cost that you simply pay in order to receive these 100 percent commission. It’s only $19.97 per month. Let’s face it, the parent company has to make some profit. This affiliate price goes into paying  operating costs and it leaves the company with a profit margin it needs to offer these great services to you.  This is beyond fair. This is simply a fantastic opportunity for affiliates to really grow a successful Internet home business.


Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: Sales Funnel!

This is the most remarkable feature of the Pure leverage business opportunity.  Pure leverage provides their affiliates with tested and proven lead capture pages to capture leads, then provides help to convert these leads into sales for their affiliates.  In other words, they have a series of professionally developed follow-up emails that they send to your leads on your behalf.  These messages are already located in your auto-responder.  The most difficult thing to do in Internet marketing is to capture leads, then follow-up with those leads.  Pure leverage does this for you! They even provide statistics on the lead capture pages that have the highest conversion rate.

Click on the picture below of  just one of the lead capture pages available to see how the system works and to learn more about the Pure Leverage business opportunity!!


Pure leverage business opportunity

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