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The Result:

Receiving free traffic from the major search engines, (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) is a lot like finishing college.  You finally did it!  You had to overcome certain obstacles and you did.  So, after years of hard work, you have graduated and you even have a job.  You earn money from that job. You receive that paycheck because you learned enough to earn some money.   It’s a great start and you earned it.  It is pretty much the same feeling you get when you start to get this free traffic from the major search engines; because free traffic means sales for you and this translats to earnings.

The Difference:

There are basically two different types of traffic that the major search engines can send you.  One is paid traffic and the other is free traffic.  The focus here is on the free traffic.  This free traffic is called organic traffic.

Organic traffic is free traffic that earn from the major search engines

Organic traffic is free traffic that you earn from the major search engines

The Process:

There is a process in getting this free or Organic Traffic.  And, it is a process you have to learn.  You will not receive free traffic until you learn the process.   The process is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  For a great Beginner’s Guide on SEO, you can just register at  for a their free account.  This is great background informaton, and you should become familiar with some of these basics.  On the other hand you need to realize that in this industry, SEO and major search engines rules can change daily.

In this blog, the focus is on current trends… trends that are understood, analyzed, and implemented via a large group of active participants in our Forum, then shared on each of our professional blogs.

Plus, the recommendations made throughout this site remain consistent.  The major focus of this post in helping your advertise, market, and promote your website.  The recommended hosting is with HostGator.  The recommended website creator is WordPress.  This is a high value, easy, yet highly effective solution to help you develop your business.  WordPress is an extremely powerful pre-SEO’d blog or website creation tool.  And, when hosted, you have access to a lot of different plugins that will help you further SEO your site. 

This is the first step in the process.  There are many others.  Ensure that you complete the first step as you learn and reinforce these facts for yourself.  If you don’t reinforce or confirm these recommendations on your own, you may lose confidence in what you are doing.  Plus, further recommendations build upon the succesful completion of certain steps.  If you do not yet have a website, or hosting… you need to get that done.

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