The Power of an Auto-Responder

An Auto-Responder (AR) is a critical tool and essential in establishing a successful Internet business.  And, when I show you it’s potential, I’m sure you will agree!  You need it to build your LIST!

The vast majority of internet marketers fail miserably and give up within the first year.  Why?  Well, one reason is that they do not treat Internet marketing as a business, and they fail to use the tools associated with this business.

The money is in the List!  Are you familiar with that term?  It’s as true today as it has ever been.  Your List is you database of client/buyers. Ask any successful internet marketer and they will tell you that you if you are serious about making money online, then you need to build a list. 

I recently watched a U-Tube video presented by a guy who got into Internet marketing in 2006. He had to be convinced, literally banged upside his head that he needed to develop an Opt-In LIST. Two years later (the video was done in 2008); he had over 30,000 subscribers on his LIST.

Just imagine if you had a third of that in two years. Imagine having 10,000 List members, and you wanted to promote a Program or Product. The conversion rate is about 10 percent. So, you have 1,000 people that will buy into your Program or Product!  Can you see the profit potential?

So, let’s just say that you have a great program that you believe in and it will cost your List members $45.  You make a 70 percent commission… so how do these numbers add up?  70 percent of $45 is $31.50.  You sign-up 1,000 people, so you just made $31,500.  That’s a fairly decent payday!  That’s the power of having a List!

 You do not want to “burn” your list with a bad idea. You do not want to lose credibility with your client/buyers.  But, if it’s a solid business building recommendation where you both gain, you have actually increased your credibility for your next recommendation. And, that is what this business is all about!

You need an Auto-Responder(AR) to manage your list.  If you do not have an AR yet, get one.  You have to have one.  An AR is an e-mail marketing program that allows you to do what I am describing.  Just as you need a List to be a successful in this business, you need AR to manage your List.

 I’m lucky.  I’m allowed to give you a free Auto-Responder(AR). You can get this free AR by following this link to a landing page on one of my websites:  Response 2.0.  It’s free up to 250 subscribers, and then there is a modest charge. If you have 250 subscribers, you will not mind paying a small price.  Make sure you watch the 3 Training Videos that come with it!

Your Auto-Responder also allows you to send a mass e-mail. Let’s say you send one to your group of 1,000 conversions and ask them for short descriptions of their success. In other words, you ask for a personal referral or recommendation.  You then put these referrals on your website.  Referrals are very powerful.  This is how you continue to grow your business.

 What about those other 9,000 members who did not follow your advice?  You can blast them an e-mail with the recommendations from those 1,000 happy members.  That is also very powerful!

And, if you have screenshots proving that you have made money, that is also very powerful proof that you provided them with a great recommendation.  You won’t be able to show screenshots to them in your Response 2.0 AR, but you can post them on your blog and refer them to your post by providing them a link in your message.  If you have both recommendations and your own proof, send yours to them first, followed up by the recommendations by others a couple of days later.

Furthermore, if these client/buyers still don’t sign-up, they are more likely to sign-up on your next recommendation.  In the meantime, make sure you send them a message occasionally so they don’t forget about you.  Look for things of value, e-books, and other free things to send them.  

So, if it’s no secret that you need to be building a list in order to truly be successful, then why aren’t very many people doing it?  Are YOU building a list right now?  If not, have you asked yourself why?

Get Started Today!

 I also use another AR.  I’ve been using it for about 12 months.  It’s called GetResponse.  It’s a bit harder to use and there is a modest monthly price to pay.  It has several advantages over Response 2.0 that I like.  You can put banners and other ads into your message, it comes with hundreds of easy-to-use templates, and now you can also include video.  In fact, they have a special deal where if you join now, you get free video for life.  So, if you are a bit more energetic and your budget warrants ($18/month), you might want to check them out: GetResponse.!!

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