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New Internet marketers should learn how to find free SEO Software.  They often work with limited budgets and don’t fully understand all the “hats they wear” when they start trying to build an Internet home business.  Yet, these “hats” are many.  This is their business, so they have a lot of the same responsibilities to perform.  These include:

  1. Website Development (Actually much easier than managing leases, rents, property taxes, benefits, etc.)
  2. Advertising, Marketing and Promotion (Your publicity staff)
  3. Sales (Your sales team.  Boiled down… that means YOU)
  4. Administration (You… maybe your spouse, when you can convince them you are making money online.)
  5. Education and Training (Here is a great resource for you: Our 24/7/365 Forum  is open to anyone who has questions about their Internet home business).

These new small business owners can creatively tie three of these very important responsibilities together by knowing where to go for the best education and training.  Through education and training, they can synergize their efforts more effectively, while saving both time and money. An SEO Tool to Maximize Your Efficiencies

For example, through education and training  they can tie together Website Development, Advertising-Marketing and Promotion, and Sales into the simple function of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  By simply understanding how SEO works, any new Internet home business owner can perform all these functions and start to generate income in Internet marketing.

SEO means free traffic from the major search engines (Google, Yahoo Search, and Bing).  New Internet marketers don’t have the time, nor the resources to advertise their business with paid ads on these search engines… yet, their business success will be determined by their marketing effectiveness with search engines.  

Mark Ling, founder of SEO software “Traffic Travis”  puts it this way, “Search Engine Optimization does not have to labor intensive or a financial burden.  Traffic Travis 3.0 offers a simple optimization system that can be carried out quickly and easily using a variety of custom-created tools.  The tools automate different stages of the research process, so that previously time consuming research tasks can be achieved in minutes.”

This is a system that I use in my business. I originally tried it based on an independent recommendation for the IM Report Card.  IM Report Card is an Internet service that serves as an “industry” depository for all Internet marketers’ comments on products and programs.  They provide a ratings service.  Traffic Travis received on of the highest ratings available from IM Report Card.

 You can check out the Traffic Travis Free Service here!  Take the tour and evaluate it for yourself.  It’s tools like this that help us maximize our efficiencies and grow our business.  As always, stay in touch, and let me know how this tool is working for you!


  1. Wow! good idea I ‘d better bookmark this
    article. Heck, I’d better even Tweet and blog about it
    to let my friends and readers know about it too.”

  2. Mr. Jaruhungsin,

    You do not need the paid version. Just get the free version!!! That is my recommendation. Sorry for the confusion! Here is a link to get back to the “Tour.” From there, you reach the sign-up page. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the link for the free version. It’s really great. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback. Follow this link for Traffic Travis!

    All the Best,


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