Use Facebook to Help Build an Internet Home Business

Facebook has given new meaning on How to Build an Internet Home Business!

Facebook Fan Pages has been the recent hot topic…
It is simply amazing how popular Facebook has become!  … and how large!

The last figure I saw was 600 million users!  It’s actually surpased Google in popularity.  But, the main focus for Internet marketers lies in the fact that Facebook is making it easier and more effective for us to market our services online.

In fact, if you overlook Facebook, you are overlooking a huge and free opportunity.  Do you realize that Facebook actually fulfills two critical elements in Internet marketing?  Elements that I have stressed are necessary to succeed in this business.

1. A Website:  A website is your business location.  It’s where you send people to learn about your business.  It’s your very identity.

2. A LIST: The money is in the LIST!  You need a LIST of client/buyers, or your never going to sell anything. 

Facebook has evolved into the Internet marketers dream!  Now, you can build a website using Facebook and it’s totally free.  Plus, you can build your list; and a whole lot easier than was ever possible before.

The same basic principles apply.  You have to use to abide by their terms of service, and you really have to adhere to the fundamentals I mentioned earlier.  In other words, you have to use Facebook to first build and establish relationships before you start selling.  A lot of people still do not understand this.

I recently watched a very interesting video by some very successful Internet marketers who laid out their formula to success in Internet maketing.  This is defined by how you manage your activity by percentage:

* Helping People – 40 Percent
* Sharing and Interacting – 40 Percent
* Promoting Business – 20 Percent

This is exactly how I manage my business.  I coach people who need my help.  I do this on Forums, my conference room, and via Skype.  I share and interact, principally on Forums and Facebook and Facebook groups.  In other words, I literally spend 80 percent of my time, just sharing with people what I’ve learned.

And, I’ve only been doing this for a little over two years.  I’ve learned a ton!  You can too!  And, it’s quite rewarding, both personally and professionally.  But, you do have to make money!  That’s where the other 20 percent of your time should be devoted!

Here are the basics of how to get started with Facebook.  Just go to and establish an account.  Some say establish one account just for business, and one for personal contacts.  Others say that doesn’t really matter.  I tend to feel the same way. I certainly don’t mind my kids, family, friends, and former co-workers knowing what I’m doing… because I do it right.

Plus, Facebook allows you to segment your personal contacts into lists… so it’s easy to separate your family and friends from you business contacts. 

There are quite a few ways to find business contacts, or like minded people just like yourself trying to earn some additional income on the Internet.  I’ll follow up with some great ideas next week.  In the meantime, get in there and get started.  Find your family and friends and just try it on for a week.

But, Facebook Fan Pages is where you can really advertise your business opportunity.  I’m going to have some great videos for you next week!  This is where you’ll learn how to build you business website on Facebook.  It’s awesome!

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