Viral Webcaster to Provide Web Conferencing on Facebook!

While it’s a bit early to know exactly how this will flesh out, it appears that a new Facebook application known as Viral Webcaster will provide some combination of webinar services directly tied into Facebook. Viral Webcaster is still in beta, but I’ve gotten a taste of it’s capability.   And, from what I have seen, this is extremely exciting. Viral Webcaster is designed allow users to broadcast live webinars or recorded videos on Facebook!!!

Here is a screenshot of from a webconference that I attended:

Webinars on Facebook


The web conferencing biggies haven’t tried to tackle this, but an emerging web conferencing company… GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) has combined with Tissa Godavitarne (the “non-Guru” of affiliate marketing) on a new joint venture that could turn the web conferencing industry upside down.  Why? Because this is the first web conferencing service that combines the viral sharing capability of Facebook with web conferencing!  And, from I’ve seen the product is at such a low price point that larger, more established companies like Go to Meeting and Webex would find it hard to compete.

In my humble opinion, I would compare this partnership to  something akin to how Go Daddy and Netflix established their markets.  Both companies followed the same basic business model… produce a superior product and price it under $10/per month.  In other words, make it affordable to virtually everyone.  A major difference between this Viral Webcaster & GVO product  and Go Daddy and Netflix is in their marketing strategy.   Viral Webcaster is marketed solely through network marketing marketing as a direct sales product.

This is why I am telling my readers about it!  You won’t see expensive Super Bowl or other commercials on this product.  This will only be offered by network and Internet marketers!

To witness an actual demonstration, just click here on …  >>>Viral Webaster 


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  1. I really enjoy the flexibility and convenience of using web conferencing, but the idea of pulling that into Facebook is very exciting! Prescheduling is an option, but guests inviting in friends and associates on the spur of the moment is going to be incredible!
    Do users have to register and get passwords and downloads like other webinar services?

    • Hi Kathryn,

      I relish your excitement and enthusiasm! You seem to have a firm understanding of the value this app provides. And, you’ve captured the viral nature of the app in your remarks.

      Users can pre-register at this point. They can do so when they visit the link below to learn about Viral Webcaster! They will not be provided a sign-in/sign-up registration form. However, they will be notified once the app is our of “beta.”

      Here is the link:

      All the Best!


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