Viral Webcaster’s Viral Facebook Elements

I attended another webinar on Viral Webcaster earlier today.  This webinar was broadcast live on Facebook.  I wanted to pass on some key points that I learned.  I tested them all, and they work!  Let me share a screenshot that I captured to show you a few of the viral elements that are working on Viral Webcaster.

First and foremost, this was an amazing presentation!  I began to see the true value of this application almost immediately.  After all, I do have an understanding of the viral sharing nature of Facebook.  And, this application takes full advantage of what Facebook has to offer.

While it is not shown on the above screenshot, anyone attending this live presentation had to first hit that now famous “Like” button.  They don’t have to pay admission to the webinar, but they do have to share their invitation.  When they do so, they share their invitation with all their Facebook friends, enabling their friends to also join the webinar.  It’s like sharing a free ticket to a great movie, but in this case the ticket is free.  The last time I checked, the average Facebook user has 130 friends.

Four, very important social media buttons are displayed across the top of the screenshot.  Two of these buttons are external to Facebook.  They can share an invitation via Twitter or the new Google Plus social media sharing function.  Plus, anytime they make a comment on the webinar this too can be shared with all their friends!

If you want to more on the basics of this application, check out this recorded video… >>>Viral Webcaster

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