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Rick Samara's Affiliate Website Review

Rick Samara's Affiliate Website Review

My name is Rick Samara.  My family and I have lived in  Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC since 1983.  At that time, I was recently married to my wife Linda, assigned to the Defense Intelligence College and we just purchased our first home in this area.  You couldn’t call us a ‘full family’ back then, but there have been a lot changes over the years.

I retired from the US Air Force in 1995.  We walked away with a lot of fantastic experiences, a retirement check, but more importantly four great kids.  I attended the Defense Intelligence College in 1983-1984, served on the Soviet Awareness Briefing Team for four very rewarding years, worked at the US Air Forces  in Europe (USAFE) Heaquarters for another four years, then landed a position at the Pentagon which brought us back to the local area.

Life always has its challenges.  Following my Air Force Career, I decided to enter the Financial Services industry.  I worked as a Financial Services Representative for MetLife for four  years, then was fortunately promoted to the New York, Madison Avenue office.  Most of my new responsibilities involved a 13-State Region. What a great job!  However, following 9/11 our entire division was cut.  MetLife was forced to scale back on a lot of operations, and we got the ax.  I received a generous severance package, and accepted the realities of the time.  I moved on and started my own Independent Financial Services business.

I formed a partnership with a fantastic guy that owned a payroll company, and we marketed and helped small business owners with their benefit programs.  Their primary concern was health insurance and health insurance formed the basis of our business.  We had some great business with Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate firms.  When the real estate crises hit, we gradually began to lose that business.

 I still retained a lot of my own personal accounts with the Financial Services relationships I had formed over the years, and I still maintain those relationships today.

A couple of years ago, a lot of my clients were suffering financially and started asking me what I thought about these “Internet work at home business opportunities.”  I didn’t know a thing!  So, I did some research.  I found it totally confusing.  Like any new major undertaking, this industry had its own language or lingo… and I had to learn this new lingo. 

I was also thoroughly confused with all the various offers.  There were promises of making $3,000 – $5,000 monthly, and within a month… things like that… promises that no halfway intelligent person would buy into.  I thought that this whole thing was simply a scam preying on people’s misfortunes.  And, that’s what I told my inquiring clients.

But, I continued my research and it became a weekend hobby.  I even tried a few things, but I always seemed to lose more money than I earned.  However, I started to develop a feeling that if I remained persistent, I could find something that really worked. 

 I was driven by the realization that since my retirement from the Air Force, there were real world forces that could impact me and that I had no control over these forces.  I wanted more control over my life and I felt that Internet marketing could provide that.

Then, in February 2009, I found a program that is now the cornerstone of my Internet marketing business.  And, this is the program that I am recommending to you.  I will tell you up front that this is not a get rich promise or scheme.  If you are brand new to Internet marketing, you have a lot to learn!  But, this business is unlike anything else on the Internet.  It’s actively managed by it’s founder and there is a ton of training and support.  Plus, it has a proven history with documentation and proof that people are making very good money in this business.

I like to compare it to a brick-and-mortar business.  A brick-and-mortar business might be a contracting business, a plumbing business or even a McDonalds’ or Starbucks franchise.  Each is going to have it’s own unique operating, manpower, and advertising costs; in other words, some fairly large expenses.  

It’s different with an Internet marketing business.  If you learn how to do this business correctly, your operating costs are ‘time, having a computer, and a good connection to the Internet.’  You don’t have manpower expenses.  It’s all you, and maybe your spouse or kids.  

You can spend money on advertising… actually a lot of money!  But, you don’t have to spend a penny.  You’ll learn how to do both.  Your best friends are Google, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN (now Bing).  You’ll learn how to either use them for your paid ads to get people to visit your site, or use them to send free visitors to your website.  

And, yes… you will need to learn how to develop your business website.   This is much easier than you might think. And, I can show you ways to do this free.  I will also show you why free is not always the best solution.  My intention is to provide you all the facts, then let you make the best decision to fit your needs.

With that said, let’s again focus on your brick-and-mortar business.  And let me ask, what is your market?  If your answer is “huh” let me clarify.  Who do you intend to your sell your product or service to?  Or, who do you expect will need and purchase your product or service. The easy answer is that its whomever and wherever you are willing to travel, if you have a plumbing company.  Geography plays into this equation. 

If you have that McDonalds’ or Starbucks franchise, it’s all about location, location and location.  Your traffic arrives by car.  We all know and understand the definition of that type of traffic.If you have an Internet marketing business, it’s not limited by geography or location.  It’s international!!!  You traffic is generated via Internet marketing techniques.  Furthermore, and I’d like you to take this ‘to heart’… your market is unlimited.  Consequently, your earnings are truly unlimited.  

This is truly a growth industry.  Sure, we are in a major global recession.  However, one of the basic services demanded by people globally is a laptop and an Internet connection.  If you are willing to spend time learning this business, have confidence in yourself, understand that it might not always be easy, have a dedicated and persistent desire to develop your own business to secure your financial security, you can do very, very well for yourself and your family.

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