A Simple Plan For Making Money With Clickbank

Making money with ClickBank is a mystery for some. But the truth of the matter is that it’s not about learning everyone else’s magic formula. If you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to get the ClickBank affiliate market thing to work for you, chances are that you already have your own formula to ClickBank success and simply don’t know it.  It’s a lot easier than you think. So let’s get to that formula or strategy. First of all it involves designing a simple web page that will collect your visitors contact information.  You may have heard that you don’t need a website to make money online.  Don’t believe that hype.  It’s all a marketing effort to get you to join a program. 

The bottom line is that you need a website.  And, don’t be afraid of building a simple website.  You might have to learn a little, but once you do, it gets easier and easier.  There are tons of free website programs out there.  Plus, there are Social Media Sites like Mulitply.com and Hubpages.com that effectively allow you to create a website.  And, you don’t need to design an elaborate website for this strategy to work.  …Keep it Simple!  You will grow as you learn.  Don’t rush to success. Be patient, it will come.

The basic idea toward success with this ClickBank strategy is to find a quality product that you wish to promote.  Like any business owner, you have a product and now you need to learn how to promote it.  The next thing you need is a keyword string.  Why and what is a keyword string.  Think like a search engine!  …a search engine like Google, Yahoo Search, or Bing.  And, think about what you would type into a search box to find a product you were looking for.  Let’s say that you were looking for a solution to a situation you faced.  Several of your home’s walls were deteriorating due to mildew.  You had several contractors in mind, but you wanted to learn more about them.  So, you were looking for information about a local contractor.  You might type ‘contractors’ into a search box, but that’s going to get millions of results.  You have to refine your search.  So, if you live in Pennsylvania in a 20705 zip code, you can refine that search. 

Your best and most profitable results will come from what are known as ‘long string keywords.’  There’s less competition at this level.  So, using the same search parameter as above, you type in “dry wall contractors in PA 20705.’  So, how do you use this same practice to advertise you ClickBank product.  Let’s say you wanted to sell a language program, and you lived in PA.  Just develop a “long string keyword” to appeal to your market.  Here’s an example: ‘learn spanish’ in PA 20705.  That’s the trick.  Why, the search engines are looking to maximize the user, or searcher’s experience.  So, you write a small piece on Mutlitpy.com.  Your title should be exactly the same as you ‘long string keyword.’  So, your site title will appear to the search engines as http://learnspanishinpa20705.mutiply.com.  So, when someone in your area types in this keyword, or a similar keyword, the search engines will send them to your site.  Plus, there is a fairly good chance that you will rank No. 1 on that page’s organic search results. 

You can do the same thing for any number of products.  You simply have to develop a new page for each product with it’s own unique ‘long string keyword.’


  1. Thanks for the great content and information. I am always going through the internet searching for good content and to also get ideas for my home based business web sites and future articles on this basic and general subject. Again, thanks for the great content and I will be coming back to revisit this site again for more information in the near future.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the kind response. I’m not going to send you a trackback or backlink to the url you submitted, but let me tell you why. While that is a great video landing page, it is probably used by a lot of different people. Google doesn’t like that and that would hurt my SEO. My recommendation would for you to builb your own website, then link to that great video from your website.

      Plus, you don’t need a backlink for an affiliate landing page anyway. I’m all about helping people grow their business. If I can ever be of service, just let me know. And, I do hope you come back.

      To Your Success,

      Rick Samara

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