Become a Webmaster to Build an Internet Home Business

Become a Webmaster to promoter your Internet home businessToo many people, I am fairly certain, think that becoming a webmaster seems like an overly complicated and technical chore.  It really is not.  If you want to build an Internet home business and market it on the Internet you really need to become a webmaster.  If you want to market your home business by holding hotel meetings, placing signs along your local streets and highways, developing and paying for print ads, as well as by using other old fashioned and expensive methods, then sure… you do not need to learn how to become a webmaster.  Short of that, you better get started.

Here are three essential things you need to learn to become a webmaster:

Do Not Pay Money for Traditional Software Programs!

Programs like Dreamweaver or FrontPage are great programs; however you need a basic understanding of HTML code to make them work for you.  Learning any type of computer code is a very complicated process and the software is expensive!  Prices for Dreamweaver start at around $700.  You are more likely to go broke and lose interest in your Internet home business if you pursue this route without a fundamental understanding of HTML. And, if you want to start learning about code, you are not going to find enough answers here!

Plus, these are only website building programs!  There is another side to this very important equation.  Assuming you can build a website, what comes next?  Where do you put it?  In other words, how do you get it on the Internet?

Find a Top Web Hosting Company with Great Customer Service!

This is where the “rubber really hits the road!”  This is where you put or host your website. This is your vehicle that gets it on the Internet. If you use a program like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, you are simply building website pages.  You need to host these pages.  In other words, you need to get these website pages loaded onto your hosting account.

This is not like using a word processing program, like MS Word and uploading or dropping files into your hosting account.  That’s because these files are written in HTML code.  You need to do, what’s called, an FTP (File Transfer Protocal) transfer to upload your files to your hosting account.  This is another process you have to learn.  In fact, it is a very important process.  But, you can easily learn that in due time.  It is rather easy once you have done an FTP transfer a few times.  However, if you are trying to learn how to use a program like Dreamweaver, along with getting a grasp on HTML code and add learning how to do an FTP transfer on top of this, you can get very frustrated… FAST!  This can set your goal of building an Internet home business back in a huge way!  Believe me, it did for me!

Combine your Website Building Software Solution and Web Hosting Company into a Small Monthly Payment at Under $10.

…while saving both time and money; but more importantly, it helps you achieve your goal of building an Internet home business much faster and more efficiently!

I have written about Host Gator and Host Then Profit before.  Either one of these hosting solutions will get you where

you need to be. Both hosting accounts provide you cPanel and WHM.  WHM, See what you get in cPanelor Web Host Manager is a great and easy to use program that allows you build a shell for you website.

cPanel includes such things as establishing professional email accounts for your business.  In other words, you do not have to use your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail account for your Internet home business.  You use your own domain name. So, if your domain is, you can and should use something like as your professional email address.  This enhances your credibility, plus you can always forward any email to this address to your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts should you choose to do so.

cPanel also includes a program called Fantastico Delux.  Fantastico includes a script for WordPress.  A script is a prebuilt software package.  Technically, the industry refers to it as a content management program.  It’s like getting Dreamweaver or FrontPage free with your hosting.  There is no need for building pages, then uploading them to your hosting company. This is all self-contained.  WordPress has become the industry standard for building websites.  And, it’s free.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free templates to use.

I’ve covered three essential or key topic areas that if implemented, allow you to quickly become a webmaster.  This is a start!  There are other articles that take you to the next step!  Please see: 11 Essential WordPress Plugins for Your Home Business Website.  I’ll continue to supplement this training with videos and articles on related subjects!  If you haven’t already done so, please go to the very top of the right sidebar and enter your email address into Subscribe to How to Build an Internet Home Business via Email.  This will ensure that you are notified when I make a new training post.


This article on becoming a webmaster is, in many ways a follow up to that article.  If you learn the skills to become a webmaster, you can take this skills and market them to local businesses.  Local businesses in your town or city are literally crying for this service… particularly if you learn how to do it right!  It’s a very rewarding service that you can provide the small business owner!  For more information, visit Internet Marketing Services for Small Business.
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  1. It is also best to look also for those internet home business opportunities and ideas that have been around for four or five years. The greater chance exists that they are legitimate opportunities. You could also check their financial conditions.

    • Richard…

      Thanks for the comment! I totally agree that one should look for business opportunities that have a proven record and have been around for at least five years!

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  2. Hi Rick,
    Thank you for good lesson here.
    Achmad K W


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