Build an Internet Home Business by Taking Your Business Offline

Internets = Parody motivator.

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It might be a little scary to most Internet marketers, but it also may be the hottest way to build an Internet home business today.  Think about it!  A lot of Internet marketers like the annonimity of working strictly from their homes.  However, if you are willing to venture out a bit, you can find new opportunities that simply explode your earnings.

If you have been in Internet marketing for over a year you have probably developed skills that are in high demand in your local business community.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I built websites?
  • Do I know the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
  • Do I know how to get my keyword strings on the first page of Google?
  • Do I understand the power of article marketing and video?

If you can answer yes to these basic questions, then you probably have what it takes to take your business offline and market yourself as a valuable resource to businesses in your local community.  There are Internet marketers taking advantage of these basic skills and earning large commissions.  It’s very conceivable to turn your talent into a retainer agreement that will pay you a $1500 -$2000 up front commission with a monthly income of $500 a month to continue your service on an consulting basis.

And, that is just for basic SEO services!  Can you throw together a professional looking website?  Have you used WordPress?  The two provide an almost magical combination to present to local businesses.  WordPress is optimized for SEO.  This is another service you can sell!

Do you have anything else in your bag of tricks that would appeal to local business owners?  How about Web Conferening solutions that can significantly aid a small business owner.  Web Conferencing translates into several solutions appealing to a small business owner.  They and their sales force can prequalify business leads.  GVO Conference is a brand new Web Conferencing Service that any business owner can afford.

Perhaps you have a local lead generation platform that you can use to generate call-in leads to a local business.  Do you get the basic idea here?  You already have the know how and ability to take your Internet marketing skills offline.  Think outside the box!  Take your skills offline and generate some significant revenue for your Internet home business.

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