Huge Tip on How to Build an Internet Home Business

build an Internet home businessWhen you join a team like ours, it’s a whole lot easier to build your Internet home business! No business is easy, but when you find, understand and use the type of duplication available to you via the Team Tissa marketing platform, your business building process is much easier! Here is a great example! All I need to do is promote this link or share it with others, either on Facebook or email… whatever:
This is a link to a weekly webinar that three of my team members do every Wednesday at 12 PM, EST.
I don’t have to be there to benefit. All I need to do is share my link. It’s coded to my join the Empower Network join link. Test it and try it for yourself.
There is yellow button under the speaker’s video that says “Let me Join the Team.” You have access to this same link when you join our team. All you need to do is replace my User ID [teamrick] with yours!!! Furthermore, this is a duplicatable tool that you can pass on to help your team members. And, they can pass it on to help them build an Internet home business. This is duplication and team building at it’s best. Make sure you save this link so you can start sharing it with others. Just replace my Empower Network User ID [teamrick] with yours!
It’s free and it’s proof that we have a business that is easy to duplicate. Just follow the leaders and grow your business. The first thing you need to do is join the Empower Network home business and establish your own User ID. Once you do that, you can simply let the leaders in this business do the work for you! All you need to do is to share your own link with others.
This is an extremely powerful and highly successful way to get started. Test it out for yourself. It only costs $44.95 to get started, and you make 100 percent commissions on all of your sales!
Get engaged! Start building a real business! Follow the leaders! Start making money for your family online! Others are doing it!  It’s time for you to do it!
Use this link to get started:
I’d like to see on my team! Get excited! I know you can rock it! And, I’m always here to help! I’m behind you 110 percent!
webinars and private coaching
Rock on! Have fun, and start making money online! 🙂  Please post your questions in the comments section below, or contact me directly for more information… I’m only a phone call away! 🙂
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Pure Leverage Business Opportunity

As I mentioned in my recent article, the Pure Leverage marketing tools can simply be used by Internet marketers as tools to grow their Internet home business,  or they can also be marketed as a separate business opportunity to generate residual income.

The purpose of this article is to provide my review on the…

Pure Leverage Business Opportunity

There are a ton of companies now tied to affiliate marketing. Companies that have large business models like,, iTunes Store, Mac App Store etc. Companies use affiliates to market their products and services. They pay their affiliates to market their products in a number of different ways.

This can be on simple points system to receive discounts.  It can be based on percentages of purchases. They can offer one time cash rewards or small percentages paid back based on the sales and performance by the affiliate.  Some are based on simple commission for signing up a new client. Many companies come up with their own rewards model and try to create frenzy by getting people to talk, and yes money always gets people talking!  But, the percentages are small and, in my opinion, they really stink.  This is no way to grow a Internet home business; at least not a successful business. The real key is finding a company that pays residual income and pay a great commission.

Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: 100 Percent Commissions

The Pure Leverage business opportunity is unique.  This internet home business now reflects a new trend in Internet and affiliate marketing. and this new trend is both exciting and rewarding to affiliate marketers.  The Pure Leverage business opportunity offers 100 percent commissions.  In my opinion, the management recognized the huge success of the Empower Network Business and made a sound decision.  This is just good business!  Pay your affiliates a 100 Percent commission.

Hey, its a competitive world out there.  Why pay affiliates a measly 5-30 percent commission for a one time sale? Why not jump on board a new business concept that really works. The new rant and rave is that Pure Leverage not only launched its new product line to the world. But they are paying out a whopping 100 percent  in commissions back to their affiliates, and they are paying residual income. Is this possible? You bet, the Pure Leverage business opportunity does exactly that.


Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: Is there a cost?

Yes. There is a very reasonable affiliate cost that you simply pay in order to receive these 100 percent commission. It’s only $19.97 per month. Let’s face it, the parent company has to make some profit. This affiliate price goes into paying  operating costs and it leaves the company with a profit margin it needs to offer these great services to you.  This is beyond fair. This is simply a fantastic opportunity for affiliates to really grow a successful Internet home business.


Pure Leverage Business Opportunity: Sales Funnel!

This is the most remarkable feature of the Pure leverage business opportunity.  Pure leverage provides their affiliates with tested and proven lead capture pages to capture leads, then provides help to convert these leads into sales for their affiliates.  In other words, they have a series of professionally developed follow-up emails that they send to your leads on your behalf.  These messages are already located in your auto-responder.  The most difficult thing to do in Internet marketing is to capture leads, then follow-up with those leads.  Pure leverage does this for you! They even provide statistics on the lead capture pages that have the highest conversion rate.

Click on the picture below of  just one of the lead capture pages available to see how the system works and to learn more about the Pure Leverage business opportunity!!


Pure leverage business opportunity

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The Team Tissa Marketing Platform Offers Great Value in Building an Internet Home Business


TeamTissa Marketing PlatformThe Team Tissa marketing platform offers great opportunity and value for anyone having a serious goal to build an Internet home business!

I’ve been reviewing the Team Tissa marketing platform since January 6, 2013.  As always, when I review a program or platform like this, I need to see the inside mechanics.  So, I do have a basic paid membership.  There is no way I can provide an adequate report on the Team Team marketing Platform without examining this business from the inside. And, I gladly pay the basis membership to see what this Internet home business is all about.

The Team Tissa Marketing platform performs some very unique functions for anyone who wants to build and Internet home business. In fact, it removes the two major obstacle to building an Internet home business… leads and follow-ups.  In other words, you will find duplication in network marketing in Team Tissa.

Let me explain. In a more traditional sense anyone desiring to build an Internet home business needed leads. Sure, you could make a list of 100 friends and call them, but that’s not Internet marketing.  You could build a website and place an opt-in form on your site, but that means you need to pay for website hosting, know how to build a website, pay for an email or auto-responder, and learn how to drive traffic to your  website just to generate some leads.  These are all very important task or skills for anyone building an Internet Home Business.  However, the Team Tissa marketing platform provides you an opportunity to learn as you earn!

Learn more about the cost of starting a home business and leveraging the Team Tissa marketing platform to your advantage, see this article on Cost of Starting a Home Business.

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This Video Captures the Empower Network Business!

This is remarkable video produced by William Cartier on the Empower Network Business.  This video depicts how most are struggling to make money online because of low commissions.

By comparison, the Empower Network Business offers 100 Percent commissions.

Email me at for more information!

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The Empower Network Business

There’s a new business I’ve been looking at, its called the Empower Network business.

This Empower Network business is quite intriguing in a lot of ways.

The Empower Network business  offers both new and experienced Internet marketers an opportunity to either start or build an Internet home business with very little risk.

The cost to join is only $44.95 per month.  Plus, if offers new marketers a complete Sales Funnel.  Check out that article if you don’t yet know what a Sales Funnel is.  Suffice it to say that its a pre-built business plan and strategy to grow your home business.  You do not need a business plan if its already done for you.  I like that.  It makes things a whole lot easier for new Internet marketers.

The Empower Network business  pays 100 percent commissions on its products.  This is totally unique in the home business niche.

For more information, watch this video by David Sharpe, one of the co-founders of the Empower Network Business.

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My First Market America Business Building Meeting

market-america-businessI attended my first Market America Business Building Meeting this past Monday.  It’s Friday and I’ve been gathering my thoughts.  I’m an Internet marketer.  I don’t traditionally enjoy jumping in my car to attend a meeting.  However, this Market America meeting was only 6-7 miles from my home… so I thought I’d check it out.

I’ve heard the words before… “the future of business,”  “creating a new economy,” etc.  And, while that all may be true, there are several other characteristics of this business that really amaze me.


Market America can help you Create Residual Income to Secure your Financial Future

…and local people are finding Market America the chosen way to secure their financial future.  Let me explain a bit.  There were roughly 25 people at this meeting.  It was held by a very gracious couple in their home.  Both are building their team and business part-time and both have regular jobs.     They have a home that most people would envy.  Yet, they seem to have a  need to take control of their own financial future.  They invited Dani Canubas, the Market America Director in this part of Maryland to be the guest speaker.  He did a stellar job!

But, that wasn’t my major take-away.  There are an awful lot of people in Maryland who are looking to secure their financial future with their own business.  They understand that if they want to take control of their financial future, they need a plan that will generate a residual income.  I am simply amazed by how many people are working in my local area with Market America achieve this goal.

And, this is not an area of the country that is suffering financially like some others.  This is Washington DC and surrounding areas.  This is a relatively secure area financially.  Employment is good and there are plenty of government high tech, and security jobs available in this metropolitan area.

I met and spoke with a lot of people on Monday evening. Some were looking at the business for the first time.  Some had participated in the business, but had not yet achieved their financial goals.  But, there were others who very already extremely successful in Market America, and just there to support others.

The thing that amazed me the most was that there just seems to be so many people in my local area working hard to secure their financial security with Market America.  My first thought was that this area was already saturated with Market America consultants; or perhaps there was too much competition locally.   However, when I consider this business opportunity intellectually, I realize that this is an over simplification and perhaps only an excuse not to participate in this business.

The economy is changing, both in the US and more importantly, internationally!  More and more people are shopping online. Market America provides a “gateway” that enables business minded people to invest very little money, build their business at their own pace… part-time… and benefit from this trend.  Plus, having so many people in a local area participate simply provides a support structure that benefits those that choose to use this business model to achieve their own personal financial security.



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