Can You Retire Securely?

That’s a question people continuously ask themselves.  Do they have enough funds saved up and safely put away to live on the rest of their lives? Chances are, they do not.

According to the information in this video, only a very small percentage of people have enough funds to retire securely.


Grant it… this video does not adequately cover the entire problem!

Obviously, a key toward retiring securely is developing financial independence, and the key toward developing financial independence is to create residual income.


Residual income comes in many forms…

Think of residual income as the sum of all income you have coming into your household.  What forms of residual income do you currently have? Do you have plans on developing other sources?  How sustainable is that residual income?  In other words, you may seem to have enough.  But, what happens if you die?  Does that income pass to your surviving spouse? Does it pass to your children?

So, what is residual income anyway?  (read more…)

Owning a brick and mortar business does not necessarily equate to building residual income.  In a lot of cases it can, if  it’s secured with a long-term financial plan and adequate legal protection.  But, there are a lot of businesses that fail to provide this long-term protection.

An Internet home business is very similar. It’s a lot easier and less expensive to build an Internet home business than a brick and mortar business; and an Internet home business can help you create long-term residual income.


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