Host Then Profit: Essential Internet Marketing Tools, Plus Education!

internet-home-business-tools-from-host-then-profitThe Host Then Profit Internet marketing tools suite provides you with the most essential Internet marketing tools to build your Internet home business! Perhaps more importantly, it enables you contain your costs in your Internet home business!  For example, I currently use HostGator for my hosting.

I pay $24.95 per month for my hosting package.  I have their reseller package.  You essentially get a starter version of a reseller package with Host Then Profit by virtue of the fact that you can host up to 4 blogs or websites.

In other words, you can sell hosting to some local business along with building them a website.  This isn’t hard to do folks!  I would not recommend you do this until you know how to build a WordPress website, but you will find that the learning curve with WordPress is minimal.

So, you can build a business a  website and charge them a few hundred bucks.  I started out charging $499 for 5-7 page optimized website.  If you need a quick fix to optimizing a website, see my post on WordPress Plugins.  That will get you started in the right direction!  And, you can also charge them a monthly hosting fee.  I make this a hosting and service fee!  For example, if you just getting started, charge them $20-40 per month for this.

Don’t sit around for six months, like I did, wondering what a reseller package is!!  It’s simple and exactly what I just described above.  The thing that concerned me was that I didn’t know how to bill them and look professional!  I certainly do now!  Just ask me for it and I’ll get you started!  This fun, and it’s extremely profitable!

Host Then Profit was not available, a few years back, when I made that decision.  And, I couldn’t get by with this basic package now.  Plus, this does not include the money I spend for my auto responder service that I started using five years ago.

However, Host Then Profits is a new and fantastic l0w-cost package that is available to you… NOW!  And, it’s only $9.95 per month.  First of all, you get your hosting, which is essential for building and branding your Internet home business online!  Plus, you can create up to 4 WordPress websites or blogs on your account.

More importantly, it’s expandable!  When you need more capacity, you can upgrade!  This is service that grows with you as your business grows!

host-then-profit-video-tutorialsThere are some variables to creating a website, then installing WordPress; steps in the early stages of creating your website.  These variables are “steps” you take in the process, and there are some great videos in the Host Then Profits back office to literally walk you through these steps.  You will learn how to register your domain, how to change your DNS (domain servers)… if you choose not to register your domain with Host Then Profit.  I recommend that you register your domain at Namecheap.  Host Then Profit uses GoDaddy!  They do not do their own domain registration.  See my article and video on How to Register Your Domain. This will save you some money as well!

Plus, you will learn about Web Host Manager (WHM) and CPanel in the Step 3 Video in the Host Then Profits back office.  If this seems a bit ‘foreign’ to you, remember… this is learning process.  And, it’s all really quite easy to learn!

Additionally, Tool 2 is an auto responder, or email marketing program!  You will learn how to set up your campaigns and how to install a sign-up box on your website, so that you can start building your Internet home business list.  You will learn how use this list to develop relationships with people.

Tool 3 is an easy to use video production tool.  More coming on this… make sure you subscribe to get timely updates!  And, more is coming on the video conferencing platform below.

Tool 4 is video conferencing platform.  More to come…

Host-then-profit-trainingFinally, and on top of these great tools, you get membership to the GVO Academy.  To the left you will see a currently published training schedule which is only available to members.

You have 12 opportunities per week to start learning how to build an Internet home business.  And, here you will have the opportunity to mingle with seasoned and successful Internet marketers!

This schedule is designed to meet your needs!  Chances are you still have a job and you cannot devote your full effort to learning how to build your Internet home business.  You do not have the pressure to sell, sell, sell!  This is about learning how to build an Internet home business at YOUR own chosen pace!

No need to worry!  There are evening and weekend classes you can attend, and all the classes are recorded, so you access them at your convenience from your Host Then Profit online office!

These are webinars that are broadcast using the same video conferencing platform that you will have access to with your Host Then Profits membership.

Furthermore, Host Then Profit, because of it’s unique price point and robust services is extremely popular.  So, it’s a platform that you can market and sell yourself.

So, get started today!  You get a 7-day trial for only $1. If you are serious about building an Internet home business, this is the best platform out there!  Just click on this banner to start your membership!

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  1. What do you think? I find that this is really a very good internet marketing tool. The various avenues which are opened is really a good source of income. The review here is great as it explains clearing where to start and what to do. Thanks for sharing


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