Internet Marketing Definitions for Your Internet Home Business

It’s important for new Internet marketers to understand some fundamental definitions of certain basic terms that are thrown around in Internet marketing.  This will make your start much smoother, and probably decrease your learning curve.   Furthermore, this will provide a firmer basis on which to start a successful Internet home business.

For experienced marketers, it might put certain things into better perspective and enable you to take the next big step in your business.  The bottom line is that it is important to understand the “lingo” of the business.  Why ‘recreate the wheel?’  It can be terribly confusing learning the ‘slang’ of any new business.

Understanding the fundamentals of Internet marketing and their definitions can also save you a great deal of time and money in your Internet business. So, let’s jump right in.  There are three fundamental definitions used in Internet marketing:

  1.  Programs and Products, 
  2.  Marketing and Advertising,
  3.  Clients or Buyers. 

Programs and Products (for an Internet Home Business)

Programs and Products (also referred to by Internet marketers as ‘income streams’) represent actual product that you sell on the Internet.  Programs differ from Products and have a bit broader definition. Programs usually include a number of Products or ‘income streams.’   Programs can be entirely free to join, or they may have membership fees.

Fees may seem to be totally arbitrary.  They are determined by the Program sponsor.  The Program sponsor is the business owner.  Keep in mind that as a business owner, he or she is assuming a lot of the more expensive operating costs of the program; for example: programming costs, hosting costs (they need large servers to support this program), labor costs, office space… just to name a few.   So, ongoing fees are not necessarily bad.

However, Internet marketers should “tread softly” when they see huge up-front costs just to join a program.  It just does not make any sense to join some program with huge start up costs; for example: $495 just to join.  Don’t be caught paying a large fee only to find out that the fee is the program and the only one who manages a profit is the person who sponsored the program.  It happens!  Be cautious!

Know, Like and Trust the person who recommends it to you!  Never buy from a ‘guru’ just because you know  or heard that person is a ‘guru’ and has made a bundle of money.  For a lot of  ‘gurus,’ it is just a numbers game.  They work with huge e-mail LISTs and they promote through those lists.   Establish relationships with people that you Know, Like, and Trust.

Marketing and Advertising (your Internet Home Business)

The second fundamental of Internet marketing is Advertising and Marketing.  You can have the best Program and Products on the Internet.  You may even know of some Internet marketers that have made substantial money with these Programs and Products.  However, if you don’t have a strong fundamental understanding of how to Advertise, Market and Promote on the Internet, you are most likely doomed to failure.  Marketing and advertising are the major vehicles you use to attract Clients or Buyers.

Clients or Buyers (for your Internet Home Business)

Clients or Buyers are the third leg of this triad.  It’s only common sense, but you are not going to generate sales if you do not have Clients or Buyers. You must learn the techniques associated with not only attracting, but also retaining Clients/Buyers.  You need to understand how to develop the proper professional relationship; a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.  Note:  Clients/Buyers are more commonly known as Referrals in Internet marketing.

One of my primary goals with this site is to introduce free home business programs, marketing methods, and tools to get you started.  There will also be recommendations for paid services.  These have been critically analyzed and tested.  If I make a recommendation, you can assume that I too am using this service and that I have found it successful and better than any other I’ve tested.

In conclusion, many who venture into Internet marketing think they are going to easily generate income.  They do not realize that this is just like any other business.  Or, they see professionally developed ‘teaser’ ads that promise huge monetary rewards for little work.

Understand this… there are no such things as “get rich” opportunities on the Internet.  You will see promises of huge and fast wealth, but the only people making money with these fast wealth programs are the sponsors who make these claims.  Unfortunately, a lot of good people fall victim to these promises.  They are continuously disappointed and they continuously lose money.  Do not get caught in this trap.

If you are willing to learn how to earn money on the Internet, and fully understand that there is process to this business, you can succeed and succeed very, very well.  This is a growth business.  Take time to learn and understand the process, and you will do well for you and your family.

There is one other very important definition that you need to know.  It’s Affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is often used interchangeably with Internet marketing, but there are some distinct differences.

Basic Training 101, Lesson 3: “What is Affiliate Marketing”

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