Jetpack Plugin for WordPress is a Great Add for Internet Home Business Builders

Jetpack WordPress Plug-in Subscription FeatureThe new Jetpack Plug-in for WordPress is a fantastic new WordPress plug-in with some super features!

Most of these features are free to the user.  The feature I’d like to focus on here is the Subscription feature. This will create an opt-in sign in that allows the user to receive notifications on all your new posts!

This is not to diminish the huge value associated with the Jetpack Plug-in‘s other features.  For example, Site Stats allows you to track the traffic to your website.  The Spelling and Grammer feature will notify you of spelling and grammar mistakes when you attempt to publish your article.  The Short Links feature enables you to create short URL’s for your posts, and the Sharing and Enhanced Distribution features are additional methods that help you generate traffic to your website.  And, you can expect new free features to be added as they become available.


Jetpack's email opt-in feature increased interaction with your usersThe Subscription feature greatly enhances your interface with your users.  It provides an opt-in for your users to receive a very professional email notification whenever you publish a new post or article.  In turn, this increase your website traffic.

The Jetpack Plugin’s opt-in code is simply placed in a widget on your website.  Therefore, it can be shown on your website wherever your theme allows you to place widgets.  On the site I use here as an example, I have placed the widget into the “Top Feature” of my theme.  If your theme does not have this option, you can simply place your code in a sidebar widget.

Here’s the sizzle!  Many people who visit a website never return.  However, if you can capture their email address you have the ability to bring them back over and over again.  This increases your website traffic and enhances your ranking with the search engines.


Jetpacks email notification to userThe end product produced by the Subscription feature is top-notch and highly professional! I was very pleased and little surprised on how good it looks to the user.

This is a screenshot I took of the article published in Hot Sports Topics.  This is how it actually appeared in my Microsoft Outlook email account.

This is new site I created for my cousin, Mike Pietrzyk.  Mike is now living his dream and writing on sports topics.  He is doing an awesome job.  I host it and provide some SEO sizzle to drive traffic to it.  In time, we will monetize the site.

But, look at some of the really nice components associated with this email.  At the very top, you see the WordPress logo… very professional.  The entire article is actually shown, but I cut off a lot of it to save space in this picture.

It is identical to the actual post on the Hot Sports Topics website.  All the links are active!  They can be clicked and followed in your default browser.

I’ve used some anchor text (“dream come true”) that is linked to a primary keyword string in the actual article.  So, a user can simply click on that anchor text, without going to the actual article, and pass this article some valuable search engine juice!

While it does not provide a social media share button, it does provide a short URL if someone wants to Tweet the article to their Twitter followers.

It also permits the user to go directly to the Comments section of the website, either to simply read other comments or post their own.  Furthermore, if the user wants to opt-out of their subscription, they can easily do so by clicking on the Manage Subscription link.

WordPress developers have outdone themselves with this fantastic plug-in!  I highly recommend the Jetpack Plug-in for WordPress! …best of all, and characteristic of WordPress, it’s free.

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