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Let us face the hard facts!  Internet marketing is hard work!  There are just too many “lousy opportunities” out there.  It’s easy to be confused with all the “get rich” promises you see on the Internet.  I review a lot of this trash.  I feel sorry for all the good people out there that fall prey to these promises.   If you are looking for an home based business opportunity, the very best way to find one is from a referral from a person you know, like and trust.  That’s called networking or what is often  referred to as Network Marketing.

I was recently referred to an opportunity by a gentleman with whom I have had a business relationship with for over nine months.  So, I decided to check it out and report on it.  The company sponsoring this opportunity is Max International, LLC.   Let me be the first to tell you… this is no “lousy opportunity” or “get rich” promise.  This is a very, very solid business opportunity!

One of the key members of their corporate leadership team is Steven K. Scott.  Steven is one of the most influential people in Direct Response TV.  He is the co-founder of American Telecast, the company that marketed the “Total Gym” to the tune of $2.5 Billion in sales.  That is Steven’s expertise  – TV Infomercials.  When he learned the science behind a product that I will shortly discuss, he retired from American Telecast to form Max International.  I was impressed when I learned this, but the story continues.

Steven has partnered with Gregg Fullerton, the co-founder of Franklin Covey. Gregg is a renowned international public speaker who has shared the stage with Bill Gates, Stephen Jobs, George Lucas and others.  He is responsible for assisting many Fortune 500 Companies improve their productivity and management skills.  But, the story gets better.

Steven Scott was so convinced about this product, that he went to two of his major competitors and formed a strategic partnership with them.  Bill Guthy and Greg Renker own one of the largest TV Infomercial companies in the world.  They average sales of around $1.7 Billion annually.  When they learned the science behind this product, they ran their own independent tests.  They could not believe the huge potential value of this product.

The name of the product is MaxGXL.  MaxGXL is a “glutathione accelerator.”  I’ve done my due diligence or my research on glutathione, but the single best way to describe it is to watch this video and listen to Dr. Robert Keller’s (the inventor of MaxGXL) explanation:



That’s the Science behind MaxGXL.  Some say Robert Keller will go down in history as the next Jonas Salk.  A dedicated individual, driven by his passion to help his fellow man, Dr. Keller is recently deceased.  Our hope and prayers are extended to his family and memory!

Here is the Opportunity:  The MaxGXL Residual Income Opportunity. Do Not Miss This Fantastic Video!!!

There is another important component to this business equation.  As you might have guessed, when Steven K. Scott joins forces with Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, that translates into a huge TV Infomercial campaign to promote MaxGXL.  There is no timeline, to my knowledge when this campaign will start.  However, it is not going to be a campaign to sell MaxGXL.  It is a TV campaign that is designed to promote brand awareness that will directly benefit the sales channel.  And the sales channel is Network marketing based on the MLM structure presented in the Opportunity video.

So, there you have it!  When you combine the corporate management team, the impending TV infomercial campaign, and the science behind this amazing product with the residual 2-leg MLM income opportunity; it appears to be the Internet marketers ideal promotion product. Is for everybody?  No!  But, if you know how to advertise, market and promote a product, then this is a potentially huge income stream for your business.

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