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I’ve been using an automated blogging tool for about two months now. It’s called the EN Power Tool Submitter.  I’ve been using it on one of  WordPress websites/blog. I want to share this with you because I’ve achieved some remarkable results in a just a short period of time. Here’s a screenshot of my Google Analytics account showing my results on this blog:


GA 1Jul-10Sep

As you can clearly see, I have increased my website traffic ten-fold since I started using the EN Power Tool Submitter.

If you are building an Internet home business and are using a WordPress blog to advertise, market and promote your business, you know you need traffic.  It’s your life blood. The EN Power Tool Submitter is a valuable tool that you really need to consider.  The program is actually in beta test and improvements are being made everyday. I’m totally satisfied with the results I’ve been achieving, but I also know that there is a lot more coming.

Here is great video that provides an overview of the EN Power Tool Submitter:

I’ve written several other articles on the EN Power Tool Submitter that can provide you more background on this new software program. Here’s are the links to those articles:

1. Advantages of an Automated Blogging Program

2. Review of the EN Power Tool Submitter

3. EN Power Tool Submitter Update

You’ll find a bit of redundancy in these articles, but if you want all the facts, you should read them all. And, these articles catalogs my experience with this program and they provide great  in-depth empirical evidence based on my own experience.

Do I like it! You bet! But, I’ve only just begun.  There are other features of this program that make it well worth the lowly monthly investment of $19 a month.  In fact, with the improvements being made and with the capability already provided, I would expect this program to cost a lot more in the coming months. If the price does increase, it will certainly be worth the modest investment. However, if you buy it now… you will not have to pay a higher price later.  You will be locked in at the current price.

It’s an awesome program and I highly recommend it! You need traffic to your site and this will definitely provide you a huge boost in traffic. And, traffic means sales. That’s what this business is all about!  And, I provide training and private coaching  every Wednesday and Friday to help you and answer your questions. Here are the details:

webinars and private coaching

My Friday session is the best time for you to ask and get your questions answered on the EN Power Tool Submitter. I can show you how I use it and how you can maximize it to build your business!

Plus, you can check out this new software program yourself here. Make sure you read the testimonials:

EN Power Tools Submitter 

Of course, if you have questions, you can post them in the comments section below. Or, you can contact me directly using the contact information below.

Contact Rick Samara for help


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