Network Marketing as an Internet Home Business

Robert Kiyosaki, author and coachPublic support of network marketing or direct selling has significantly improved the reputation of network marketing over the past few years; and more and more families are using network marketing opportunities as their Internet home business.  Robert Kiyosaki, renowned author, businessman, investor, motivational speaker and self-help coach has reinforced the validity of network marketing.


Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow QuadrantJust to set the framework, Robert Kiyosaki developed his Cash Flow Quadrant.  The left portion of the quadrant (E & S) represents a certain mentality or focus.  The focus here is on getting a good job or profession or even starting a small business with a salary and benefits the primary goals.  In my opinion, the key characteristic he brings out is that in these two quadrants an individual is just that; an individual.  Essentially, they are going solo in life!

The idea is change that mentality and move to the right portion of the quadrant (B I).  It is in these two quadrants that the individual achieves financial freedom.  This is where you can leverage the power of passive income with a network of people worldwide working for you.

And, network marketing is the vehicle that gets you this financial freedom. Here a great, short video where Robert goes into a little more detail:


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