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GVO Conference Early Bird InvitationI knew that GVO Conference was about to launch, and I wasn’t planning on joining.  I thought the price was going to top $50 per month.  In other words, it would be priced just below some of their major competitors.

Well, I joined  and I just wanted to let you know the reasons why I joined GVO Conference:

  1. COST: The monthly charge for a 50-seat conference room is $8.97. Personally, I found that unbelievable.  Now, there is a one time set-up fee of $29.99.  But, that $8.97 monthly charge is guaranteed for life.  It is affordable to anyone in the world which makes it extremely marketable.  And, it is available in 5 languages:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian.  It’s attracted affiliate and network marketers, families for personal use, and small business.
  2. OFFLINE MARKETING IN MY LOCAL COMMUNITY: I can sell this to offline businesses as well.  What company isn’t going to pay a measly $9 a month to conference with clients and co-workers, or even use this a customer service tool.  Especially when I make them understand the benefits of improving their business by reducing costs (travel, training, etc)  while improving efficiency and productivity.
  3. TRAINING: I use Skype for training and I really like it.  But, there are bandwidth limitations that significantly limits the number of people I can work  with at one time.  GVO has unlimited bandwidth for this platform.  Yes, I can share my screen, but there is so much more.  I have already uploaded videos, PowerPoint presentations and files to support my personal training.  I even have a whiteboard to illustrate key points about a subject I am training.
  4. EASE OF USE: There are step-by-step professionally produced videos that walked me through the set-up process.
  5. EARNINGS: It is an MLM, so there is significant earnings potential.

Here is Screenshot of  My Conference Room:

GVO Conference Room

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  1. Rick, this good review of GVO Conference it really boils dont to what its all about. Its easy to use, has more features then skype, its cost effective and have a great earning potential.


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