A Much Needed Post to Explain “What the Hell is Going on out There!”

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As Vince Lombardi once cried, “What the hell is going on out there?” I thought it might be a good time to post some thoughts on the direction of my blog!

How to Build an Internet Home Business was originally started as a review site for affiliate programs, but my bottom line goal was to pass on valuable information to anyone who just wanted to establish a home business presence on the Internet.  And, I wanted to interact with my readers… not to sell, but to assist; to build relationships and to work together.  I think that Vince’s words amplify these thoughts.

I finally realized that my blog wasn’t doing what I originally hoped.  I wasn’t building a team.  I was writing my story and experiences!  I wasn’t working with people.  I was working for them.  That is not team building!  Thanks Vince!

I’ve noticed a dominant trend recently!  And, while I can’t make any firm conclusions about it, I do have some thoughts.  I have a lot of people registering as members.  I’ll get as many as 5-6 per day.  This tells me that there is something of value I offer here, but I’m not exactly sure what registered members are looking for.  I really need to know this.  I want to engage with my readers!

I’ve noticed a secondary trend as well.  Most of my new members seem to be associated with some type of very legitimate online small businesses. They… or you, are looking for something.

I’ll take a wild educated guess and say you are looking for success… in whatever it is you do!  That’s fairly safe.  Hey, I want to help but I need to know how I can help.  As I try to tell my new members, and I do not get to everybody on an individual basis; consider me a resource that you can use anytime!  Ask questions!

And, please offer your experiences, your problems and your solutions.  If we work together,  we can certainly better achieve our individual goals.  But, we need to work as a team.  I’m a firm believer in that.  Don’t be bashfull! Post in the comments!  Let’s engage to the benefit of all of us!  Let’s get Vince off our backs!



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  1. As a registered member I understand the reasons that so many are subscribing to your site. You ARE engaging with everyone you meet; friendly and confident in the information that you are giving! Also, the information and posts to your site guide us all who are starting out, or starting over in a step by step format that not only coaches, but encourages us to take steps that we would not have necessarily tried otherwise. We appreciate that we can come to you with any question; your knowledge of the workings of affiliate, internet, and now network marketing are vast. What you don’t know you learn and bring to us fresh! I thank you and you are the best mentor I know mainly because you are not so successful that you have become ‘unreachable’, I’m sure that I am not alone in this feeling. It’s one thing to have a mentor, but if you still feel on the outside looking in, it doesn’t work!

  2. What do you think? One of MY favorite quotes is also by Vince Lombardi – “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” When you own and operate your own business you sometimes feel like no one sees and appreciates all the things your doing (or just keeping from going completely sideways) behind the scenes. Loose ends start to pile up like fringe on a big rug and focusing on those ends is discouraging! Take a good look at the rug – wiggle your toes in it from time to time – building something of substance takes time, patience and repeatedly doing the important things.
    Rick is right on here – the important things are people! How you treat them as employees or customers or alliance partners or family or friends or just people that are friends you haven’t met yet – that’s the color in what you’re weaving – let them shine their brightest.
    If you’re too tired to engage? Take a day off, fire yourself some afternoon, forward your phone and go do something that has no business purpose. Or stop in and post something here like I did! Talk about goofing off!! Ha, ha.

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