The Team Tissa Marketing Platform Offers Great Value in Building an Internet Home Business


TeamTissa Marketing PlatformThe Team Tissa marketing platform offers great opportunity and value for anyone having a serious goal to build an Internet home business!

I’ve been reviewing the Team Tissa marketing platform since January 6, 2013.  As always, when I review a program or platform like this, I need to see the inside mechanics.  So, I do have a basic paid membership.  There is no way I can provide an adequate report on the Team Team marketing Platform without examining this business from the inside. And, I gladly pay the basis membership to see what this Internet home business is all about.

The Team Tissa Marketing platform performs some very unique functions for anyone who wants to build and Internet home business. In fact, it removes the two major obstacle to building an Internet home business… leads and follow-ups.  In other words, you will find duplication in network marketing in Team Tissa.

Let me explain. In a more traditional sense anyone desiring to build an Internet home business needed leads. Sure, you could make a list of 100 friends and call them, but that’s not Internet marketing.  You could build a website and place an opt-in form on your site, but that means you need to pay for website hosting, know how to build a website, pay for an email or auto-responder, and learn how to drive traffic to your  website just to generate some leads.  These are all very important task or skills for anyone building an Internet Home Business.  However, the Team Tissa marketing platform provides you an opportunity to learn as you earn!

Learn more about the cost of starting a home business and leveraging the Team Tissa marketing platform to your advantage, see this article on Cost of Starting a Home Business.

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