Using Video to Build Your Internet Home Business

video-marketing-Internet-home-businessVideo can help you in a lot of ways to market your Internet home business! In fact, you really need to incorporate a certain amount of video into your marketing mix to succeed in your business.

You do not have to be an expert in video production. In fact, if you have a video camera; as many do either built into your laptops or on your computer monitor, you already have the capability to start producing video. Here are three great reasons why you need to learn to start using video and start using it in your marketing.

1. Video Helps Your Internet Home Business Build Know, Like and Trust.

Internet marketing, in fact any type of business marketing today, needs to be personal. Marketing is all about developing relationships. Think about it! What do you do with coupons you receive in the mail? You look for the ones that can provide an immediate benefit to you, and probably trash at least 95 percent of the rest. You may buy from the business, but you don’t have a need to go back and see them again. In other words, they are not really building a relationships with you. Consequently, these businesses are not developing know, like and trust. Know, like and trust translates into loyal, repeat buyers to a business. It’s all about developing relationships!

2. Video Grabs Attention to Your Internet Home Business and it is Personal.

What could be more personal than a video message from you? Picture this… you are the business owner and you have taken the time and invested in the resources to provide your potential customers an extremely personal message. They see your face in a video message. That makes you totally unique and draws their attention! How many business owners know how to do this or have taken the effort to do it. Depending on your message, you are building know, like and trust. In other words, you don’t want to sell on your first couple of videos… You want to develop a relationship with these potential customers.

3. You Can Publish this Same Video on Your Internet Home Business Website and More…

This is perhaps the real magic in using video in your Internet home business! First and foremost, Internet marketing statistics prove that video helps convert sales. Start out by placing the embed code on your website. I always like to add about 350 words describing the video, it’s value and why people should watch it.

But, let’s dig a little deeper into this “video phenomenon” as I like to call it. Video is content! And the search engines look for content. They like original content, and video is original content. The more original content you have, the better your results with the search engines. And, the better your results with the major search engines… like Google and Bing, the more traffic they send to your website. And, traffic translates into sales.

But, here’s the real magic!! You can publish this same video on a number of different search engines or Internet marketing hot-spots or channels. For example, YouTube is a huge marketing channel and the second largest search engine on the Internet! Facebook has over 9,000,000 members and extremely viral. If someone likes your video, they will share it with their friends. Pinterest is perhaps the fastest growing social media networking channel out there at the moment and a great place to post your video messages. And folks can share it by re-pinning it to their friends. Plus, you can connect you Facebook and Pinterest account to Twitter! …and share it via these channels on other social marketing sites like Google+, Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Tumbler and many more sites!

In today’s marketing environment, people want their information fast and they want it visual. If it’s a message that is shared by their friends, all the better. This is social proof and enhances your credibilty. Pictures are great attention grabbers, but nothing beats a short video message. If you are building an Internet home business, you want to get you message to as many people as possible, and you want to do it in the shortest amount of time with the lowest amount of effort. There is nothing more efficient that video. Learn how to master it!

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