Does it take Money to Build an Internet Home Business?

The short answer is, “yes.”  Some will tell you that you can conceivably build an Internet home business without a single dime.  All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, which does cost money, but the assumption here is you have those two components already.  Plus, these are actually indirect costs because you, and perhaps your family, are already receiving other value from these two resources.  But, it does take money to build an Internet home business!

Let’s face it!  If you want to succeed with you Internet home business, you have to treat it like a real business.  The trick is minimizing the cost of operating your business while maximizing your return or profit.  And, there are definately ways to do it.

The key to Internet marketing is to develop content.  Content is “KING” on the Internet.  More specifically, content to help people solve a particular problem, or to conduct simple research.  A problem can be many, many things.

For example, people can be searching for:

Products: Cameras, clothes, books, gifts, etc.

Information: Cameras, clothes, books, gifts, etc.

It is critically important to understand that products and information OVERLAP when it comes to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Google defines this overlap as “relevancy” and “a positive user experience.”  I’m taking a little editorial license here to explain these terms to simply an otherwise complicated process and set of ideas and complicated algorithms that the search engines use to drive free organic traffic to an Internet marketer.

In other words, Google is not going to assign a high degree of relevancy to a one-page website with 30 different products listed on the page. On the other hand, if this same website has 30 different pages with 300-750 words that provide an objective review of each of these products, and the page is keyword optimized, they will assign a much, much higher degree of relevancy to this website. Why? Because this enhances their user’s experience; and when their user’s have a positive experience, they will favor that search engine when they next look for information.  And, this helps the major search engines grow their business.

Consequently, when you combine relevancy and user experience, you are actually developing content.  This is my current interpretation of this mix:

Content = Product + Information, or

User Experience =  (Product) + Content (Objective Information)

You can have the greatest program or product on the Internet, but if you do not provide Content, you will not drive free, organic traffic to your website.  This is a key component in learning how to advertise, market and promote your Internet marketing business!  You have to drive targeted traffic to your website!

Savy Internet marketers realize that they do not even need a website to achieve some of the same results with the search engines. And, this is the power of Article Marketing. The same thing can be done by using on well crafted article that relates to one single product.

In fact, one single article can generate thousands in income.  If you are anything like me, you have probably overlooked this powerful marketing strategy, because it seems as a rather mundane task and  bit time consuming. Or, you might think that you cannot write a great article that will produce income.  It does take practice, but as they say in life, “practice makes perfect!”

However, many successful Internet marketers are not proficient writers.  I certainly did not consider myself a good writer, particularly at first.  It does take practice and a little work, but like anything worthwhile it is well worth the effort.  Within a couple weeks, you can significantly enhance your proficiency and start making money in your Internet/Affiliate marketing business. 

In order to assist my readers develop content for their websites, I’ve created a new program.  It’s called Your PLR Empire.  PLR stands for Private Label Rights.  This a license type that allows you to rebrand the content of let’s say an e-Book.  I have already explained this license in other posts with the e-Books I have already made available to you.  I am now going to formalize that process by allowing you to join Your PLR Empire.  When you join, you will be sent one new e-Book every month.  This e-Book will be packed with information that you can use as content on your websites, blogs, in your auto-responder e-mail messages, article writing and even video production.  Here is a link to sign-up for Your PLR Empire: Your PLR Empire

Stay Tuned for exciting tips on effectively using Article Marketing to Build Your Business!!

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