Internet Home Business: Tough Times Ahead, but Here is Great Story!

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It’s becoming a lot more challenging.  If you are building an Internet Home Business, and have built your website or preferably blog, you probably understand how difficult it is to drive traffic to your website.  That is exactly why you need to know some basics about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without this basic knowledge,  I dare say you will not be successful with your Internet home business!

Don’t worry about becoming an expert!  All you really need to know is some basic principles; and keep up with the latest updates on how this stuff effects the basic principles of SEO and you…  your Internet home business!  My job is to make this as simple as possible for you!  Obviously,  you are going to have questions.  Just post them in the comments section at the end of this post!  That’s what blogging is all about.  A blog is an interactive  content management system that allows and encourages interaction… people sharing ideas and learning from one another.  If you listen, I can coach!  I know this stuff and I keep up with all the latest developments.

Let me tell you a little story.  It’s real and it just happened today.  I reviewed a few content management systems today for a friend who happens to be a major personality in the classic rock industry.  By content management systems, I mean websites and Facebook fan pages.  He uses WordPress themes for his blogs/websites and has some awesome fan pages with lots of members.  He kicks out content!  And, that is key!  He really knows the Internet marketing business and he uses it to grow his business.

His marketing concept couples his fame in the music business with his strong interest in the fitness and nutrition industry.  Actually, I was a bit surprised that he built his own sites. LOL  They are really fantastic!

But, and this is a big “but” for we that struggle to build our own Internet home businesses; his name and notoriety are enough to drive a huge amount of traffic to his sites!  His SEO knowledge is significantly low.   Yet his page rank for Google is high. We don’t have that luxury!  He is a completely down to earth person who is willing to listen to smart ideas.  I provided some recommendations today, and he was open and welcomed them.  I hope and trust that you are the same!

The point here… the bottom line… the thing that can get you over the top and get you ahead of a successful  rock star is this; learn enough about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to give yourself a fighting chance.  If you willing to learn, I am willing to teach!  The major advantage I offer is that I know what it takes to get started at a very basic level!  Just ask, and I will share!

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