Learn to Advertise Your Internet Home Business: Rule 1

Learn to advertise, market and promote your internet home businessIt makes absolutely no sense to invest in any Program or Product if you do not know how to Advertise, Market and Promote it!  Think about it!  This is just simple common sense.  You may have the greatest Program or Product in the world; something you are totally convinced you could sell one-on-one, something that is so exciting that you are 120 percent convinced that people would buy it if they knew about it.  However, if you do not know how  to market and promote, and you do not have a set strategy to let people all over the world know about this “great thing or things “,  how do you expect people to buy it if they don’ know about it!!  So, here is Rule 1!

RULE 1:   You do not make money on the Internet by joining or paying for programs.   You make money on the Internet by LEARNING how to Advertise, Market and Promote your programs.

You need AMPs to drive your program and sales:

  • A  – Advertising
  • M –  Marketing
  • P  –   and, Promotion


Here is an example based on personal experience:

My brother opened a hoagie shop in Oxford, PA a few years back.   He made great hoagies and excellent steak sandwiches.   He had great products!   His problem was that he just was not doing enough in sales to generate revenue.   It took him a bit too long to learn how to put AMPs into his business.   He developed these skills, but he developed them after he invested in his business.  Unfortunately, his money ran out, and he had to close his business.   He failed.

Educational programs can provide value, if you know the right program to join.   But, you always want to know exactly how this educational program can benefit you.  You have to pay for most of them, so you should be very, very careful.

Here are two resources that you can use to start learning AMPs (or how to Advertise, Market, and Promote) before you start building your Internet business.  And, keep money in your pocket!!

The first is this website:   How to Build an Internet Home Business .  Read it thoroughly and keep coming back.  It’s updated on a very timely basis.   You might even get a good feel for what I am going to be posting.  Anticipation coupled with a little repitition means fortification of a concept or practice.

The second is the ACME People Search Forum.  Look for posts on free advertising, particularly posts on Article marketing, WordPress blogging, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It’s completely free to join.  And, you can post questions on any aspect of Internet marketing.  Use it to your advantage!

If it appears to you that I am Biased,I can understand why.   However, I am also being cautious. I know, based on personal experience, that there is simply too much junk out there.   I want to steer you away from this junk.   Plus, I know that in our Forum no one is going to try to sell you something.  That is not the purpose.  Our philosophy is to Give-Grow-Get.  In other words, our members first consider giving advice.  And, by providing that advice, they get smarter and their business grows.  Consequently, as their business grows, they will get the financial returns they seek.

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