What is Branding? Why is it Important to Your Internet Home Business?

Rick SamaraWhat is branding and how does it apply to building an Internet home business?  First of all, let me say that I professionally feel that it is one of the most critical things we can do as we move toward success in this worldwide business.  It’s all about you!  It’s all about me!  It is not about the Program(s) or the Product(s) that we are trying to promote.  It’s about the reputation we are trying to build for ourselves and our business.

Grant it, we might settle upon a support mechanism to maximize our productivity, but you and I are solely responsible for our own success or failure.  And, maybe… just maybe, we’ll get lucky enough to find a real Internet business.

When we advertise and promote XYZ Program, whose name is behind that ad?  It’s not the Sponsors.  It’s yours and mine, or at least it should be.  That’s what people remember. I still have lots of bad memories of lots of Internet marketers; and, I still have these same Internet marketers sending me e-mails on their latest and greatest programs, new launches, etc.  I was with some of these people for 6 months.  I occasionally respond back to them and tell them why and how they have lost all credibility with me.   I don’t drive them to my Spam folder.  I like the constant reminder that there are tons of Internet Marketers out there that just don’t get it.  And, they provide me with fodder in the things I write.

If I can steer someone away from making the same mistakes I made, then steer them to a real business opportunities, who am I branding.  I’m branding Me, just like you are really branding You when you do the same thing.  In a way, you are putting yourself above the Program sponsors out there.  The point is… it’s your reputation that’s on the line.

There are a number of great ways to brand yourself.  Let’s start with the most obvious.  The easiest, yet very effective, way of branding yourself  is with a picture.  Just find a decent picture of yourself and use the same picture over and over again.  People want to know people.  If they grow accustomed to seeing your picture, that breeds a certain level of awareness.  They begin to recognize you.  They will also notice that you are growing your business.  That breeds credibility and trust.

Or, find a good picture of you and your spouse, or your family and use it on whatever you do.  Let people get to know you!  You won’t find Coke-a-Cola or Nike changing their logo very often.  Your picture represents your logo, so don’t change it.

Secondly, you need your own website with it’s own unique Url.  This serves as your company address.  Your Client/Buyers need to know your address.  And, the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing need to know where to send potential client/buyers.  Please refer to my review on HostGator  for more information on the importance of establishing your own website and how to get started. On your website, you need to have an “about me” page.  It’s a comfortable place for your visitors to go to learn more about you.  Be creative on that page and be honest.  Speak from your heart.  Tell them who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, where you’ve failed, and where you are headed.

If you are into Social Networking, and you should be, this is a great way to develop a positive reputation in Internet marketing.  Social Networking is not about selling.  It’s about building your reputation.  Whether it’s Facebook, Digg, MySpace, Twitter or the myriad of Social Networking sites out there, they provide an excellent tool to get your name and face out to a lot of people.

I’ll use Twitter as an example.  I am constantly bombarded with “tweets” with links and recommendations to “buy something.”  These people are missing the point.  They do tend to be persistent.  They persistently ‘tick-me-off.’ On the other hand, if they were providing me value, I would be more apt to visit their website.

If you want to make money with a Twitter-type site, there is brand new site called Sokule.  Sokule allows you to monetize your site, so when you send the equivalent “squeeks” you can potentially generate some income.  Plus, Sokule, or as they claim “So Cool,” is more of a business networking site, so you aren’t as likely to spoil your good name, or brand,  as you are using Twitter to blast out your next business opportunity.

If you want to build a positive brand, try using the Social Networks to pass value to other Internet marketers.  There are a ton of free sites and programs that Internet marketers need that are readily available out there.  When you come across these free goodies, copy and paste the URL into a separate file or folder, and share them via the Social Networking sites that you use. Then, in four to six months, do it again.  Building a positive brand for yourself and your Internet marketing business, will result in huge rewards for you in the future.

Basic Training 101, Lesson 5:  “Google For Business”


  1. I agree that branding ourselves with an e-profile is crucial and you’ve mentioned some great ways to attain this. It’s ironic that part of my job duties, while working in the “real world” in my past position, involved helping small business owners across the US brand themselves. When I joined Acme the idea of branding myself was not etched in my mind….yet. You Rick asked me a question once in our communications, you probably don’t remember, and at that point in time I realized that I did need to start branding myself as an online presence. I’ve never said thank you for that Rick, until now. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Linda,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. They mean so much coming from you. I checked out your blog. It’s awesome. You’re going to have tell me how you got that “copywrite” abililty. I right clicked because I’m always curious as to how someone is doing with their Alexa rating, and I got that copywrite message.

      MaxGXL Glutathione Online

      • Rick it was my pleasure and thank you for your compliment of my blog. As for the copyright protection it’s a simple plugin for word press called “Blog Protector” just click on to add a new plugin, in the search box type in that name and you’ll be brought to the page where you can install it. After you activate it go to the edit page and also check the right click protect feature. This plugin is awesome, having had my other web site’s front page copied by several hack sites I am extremely careful now to protect what I have worked hard to produce. Once this plugin is installed and activated, and you’ve set the right click feature there is no way that your content can be copied/pasted by highlighting the entire page or by them attempting to right click and copy.

        • Linda,
          I have to tell you, I’m embarrased by not knowing about this valuable Plugin. The only saving grace is that you knew about it and passed it on! I’m going to install it immediately… on all my business sites.

          I would highly recommend that everyone do the same. You do not want to experience the “hacking” that Linda experienced.

          Linda, thanks again for sharing this valuable information.


  2. Tammy,

    That’s not a bad idea! It’s imperative that you learn how to advertise, market and promote your business. And, you can use the time to learn! I recommend two great sources for free education:

    1. Affilorama is an free online affiliate training website that offers over 70 hours of video lessons, as well as tools, tips and an extensive forum for all you burning questions. There is a paid upgrade, but you don’t need that now!
    I’d recommend that you learn how to build a blog, and optimize your blog for free search engine traffic. I checked out your website and you are in a great market. But, you need to brand YOU above your products. You need to add a lot of content to your blog, and it needs to be online for a while before the search engines send you free, organic traffic.

    2. The ACME People Search Forum. I’m a Super Sponsor at the Forum and very active. Our forum is all about helping other people in Internet marketing. It’s free to join. You just have to register. And, since you’ll have a bunch of free time on your hands; maybe after the move, you could just casually learn at your own pace and ask questions when you have them.

    All the Best,

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